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The Light Memory Unit "Congestus" is a type of Homunculus.

Anatomia Complex[]

An extremely unique Homunculus type with the ability to control time.

Created and imbued with a portion of Singularity's own power, it can control manipulate [sic] the flow of time within a specified area, rewinding or fast forwarding it like a movie.

It is believed that Singularity uses this Homunculus when invading and destroying strategically important points to lock the events in time, preventing his enemies from interfering.

This time manipulation ability is also effective against living things, and anything caught in range risks being locked in an eternal prison.


Congestus has a peculiar design, even for a Homunculus, visually resembling a clock. It has a rounded, jewel-like body surrounded by a ring of white plating dotted with circular orbs, along with two spinning "clock hands". It supports itself on a base resembling a thin white needle, and a pair of short tassels dangle from its core, made of light blue energy. A single green energy tendril protrudes from its top, connecting it to Singularity.

When acting as an enemy, Congestus's orbs glow with bright green light and a rippling green energy field fills the ring surrounding its main body. When utilized by the player, its central body rises above its ring, connected to its base by a "thread" of pink energy as a pink-purple energy bubble fills its ring and the orbs light up in sequence as time is advanced or reversed.


Congestus is less a proper enemy and more a puzzle element with a dangerous defense system. When Bayonetta gets within a certain range of it, it activates itself and engulfs the surroundings in a green temporal field; this forcibly transforms Bayonetta into a teenage version of herself which is unable to attack or call on the powers of her Infernal Demons. The player must guide Bayonetta to the Congestus, avoiding its blue energy shots and the fields of green "mines" it summons and periodically rearranges. Touching a mine will damage Bayonetta and pop her into the air, potentially leaving her vulnerable to the blue energy shots.

Once Bayonetta gets close enough to a Congestus, she will knock it over to deactivate it and return to her adult form. At this point, the Homunculus is completely harmless, allowing Bayonetta to interact with it and use its time-altering abilities at will for puzzles, similar to the Remembrance of Time sequences in Bayonetta 2.

A defeated Congestus does not vanish like other enemies, instead remaining in place to be reactivated at will.

Recommended Weapons[]

Not applicable, as weapons cannot be used against Congestus. Bayonetta can only run, jump, and dodge around its attacks, and instantly defeats it once she's close enough.


  • "Congestus" (plural "congesti") translates to "piled up" in Latin, and it is used as a name for cumulus cloud formations that are taller than they are wide and possess sharp outlines.
  • According to concept art, Congestus was initially designed to look much more Umbra in design, with stained glass clock hands resembling Strider and Lukaon.