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Come Here, Little Boy is an achievement/trophy in the first Bayonetta game that is unlocked by taunting and defeating a group of more than 5 enemies, they must be angered and you may use Gaze of Despair.


"Taunt and defeat 5 plus angered enemies without taking damage. The Gaze of Despair may be equipped"


Here you will need to successfully taunt a group of at least 5-6 angels then defeat them. When you taunt they will glow orange for some time, their attacks are faster and more aggressive than before. Taunt the group then defeat them. If you are hit then you need to do it all over again.

If you are having problems with taunting then use the Gaze of Despair you can buy it from the Gates of Hell for 100,000 halos. When its equipped, angels will permanently be angered; be warned that they will still be fast and more aggressive.

If you are having further trouble then do this achievement in the Vestibule just in case. Taunt the Decorations or equip Gaze of Despair then just shoot them.


  • The Xbox 360 achievement adds 30 points to the player's Gamerscore.
  • The PlayStation 3 trophy gives the player a 'Bronze' trophy.