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Colour My WorldColour My World is the name of Bayonetta's firearms set in Bayonetta 3. Replacing Scarborough Fair and Love Is Blue, they are purple-hued to match the entry's color palette and aesthetics. Like their predecessors, Colour My World does not require a corresponding Golden LP to unlock.

Having Colour My World equipped is the only time Bayonetta's shadow takes on her Madama Butterfly Demon Masquerade form, and the only weapon to generate butterflies at her feet. In past games, this was independent of the weapon equipped.

Unlike past firearms, Colour My World can not be used in tandem with other weapons in separate slots for the hands and feet. Instead, like all weapons in Bayonetta 3, they are treated as one complete set, similarly to the Rodin weapons.

In-Game Description[]

A set of four powerful handguns that were crafted by the famed weaponsmith Rodin and crowned with the names Yellow Sunshine, Orange Blossom, Green Grass and Blue Sky.

Tuned for usage in the Umbran combat style called "Bullet Arts," they are not only guns with incredible stopping power, but also function as devastating melee weapons.

Furthermore, as they were created to channel the power of Madama Butterfly, Bayonetta's most frequently summoned Infernal Demon, their destructive power increases exponentially when combined with the advanced magical art of Demon Masquerade.

When merged with Madama Butterfly during Demon Masquerade, Bayonetta gains even more powerful attacks and the ability to glide.


Colour My World is a set of four triple-barrel firearms with magical gems on their barrels, appearing to be based on a pepperbox pistol. Adorned with nature themed engravings of Madama Butterfly's wings and flowers, they have ivory handles with butterfly wings engraved upon them, as well as Rodin's signature stamp near the gems. On top of the two guns wielded by the hands is a flintlock hammer with a red gem. Taking their name from Petula Clark's song of the same name, their individual names seem to be taken directly from the lyrics.

Attached to the handles are colorful charms that appear to be based on insects, with a teardrop gem attached that is coloured to match the gems on the barrels. The individual names, charms, and colors, are as follows;

  • A white Bee charm and gem on the right-hand gun.
    • The gun is named "Orange Blossom"
    • The engraving reads "Warm light filling those it touches with love."
  • A yellow Ladybug charm and gem on her left-hand gun.
    • The gun is named "Yellow Sunshine"
    • The engraving reads "Rays of hope in darkness guiding the lost."
  • A green Beetle charm and gem on her right-heel gun.
    • The gun is named "Green Grass"
    • The engraving reads "Glow of vitality giving the strength to carry on."
  • A blue Dragonfly charm and gem on her left-heel gun.
    • The gun is named "Blue Sky"
    • The engraving reads "Tender light giving peace and tranquillity."

Colour My World surrounds Bayonetta's attacks in purple demonic energy, unlike the blue energy from the second entry, and the red energy from the first.

How To Obtain[]

Bayonetta acquires Colour My World by default after completing the first Verse of the Prologue.

Unique Traits[]

Bayonetta (Bayonetta 3) Madama Butterfly Demon Masquerade

Bayonetta's Demon Masquerade form while using Colour My World.

Time to take the gloves off... Think you can handle it? ― Bayonetta executing Colour My World's Masquerade Rage

Utilising the key development concepts for Bayonetta 3 of fusing dancing with attacks, Colour My World has Bayonetta perform flowing, dance moves to land her strikes, contrasting her old sets having a more technical moveset. Bullets once again ricochet as they did with Scarborough Fair and Dodge Offset returns as well. Being the "all round" weapon of the game, Colour My World lets the player handle almost any scenario the game throws at them, with its only real weakness being relatively low damage compared to other weapons.


Demon MasqueradeDemon Masquerade[]

  • Nectar Seeker (Left Stick Up+ZR x2)
    • Change into a butterfly-like form and move at high speed with your wings.
  • Flutter (Hold Jump)
    • Hover with butterfly wings, descending slowly over time.
  • Blink Charge (Left Stick Up+R x2)
    • Charge forward quickly, following up with a kick on contact with enemies.


  • Baselard (Hold R, Left Stick Up+Punch or Left Stick UpLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Close in with incredible speed and deliver a fierce blow. Hold Punch to follow up with a burst of gunfire.
  • Pulverize Blow (Punch soon after Jump)
    • Summon Madama's arm while jumping for an uppercut.
  • Heart Attack (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Hit a targeted enemy with a powerful palm heel strike from Madama. Hold Punch to attack with a dancing, multi-swipe strike.
  • Rising Barrel (Hold R, Left Stick Down+Punch)
    • Launch an enemy with a swift gun butt attack. Hold Punch to follow up with a burst of gunfire.
  • Astounding Touch (Rotate Left Stick+Punch)
    • Summon Madama's arms to bludgeon nearby enemies with a spinning punch rush. Tap Punch repeatedly for additional hits.


  • Full Moon Shoot (Hold R, Left Stick Down+Kick)
    • Perform a backflip kick that launches enemies. Hold Kick to shoot while continuing to spin.
  • After Burner Kick
    • (Kick soon after Jump) Launch into the air with a blazing kick.
    • (Midair, Left Stick Up+Kick) Deliver a blazing dive kick from the air. Hold Kick to keep going after impact.
  • Heel Slide (Hold R, Left Stick Up+Kick or Left Stick UpLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Close in quickly with a sliding kick. Hold Kick to add a burst of gunfire.
  • Gut Wrench Heel (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Summon Madama's leg to stomp mercilessly on an enemy. Hold Kick to trample them with an energetic dance.
  • Concussion Step (Rotate Left Stick+Kick)
    • Summon Madama's leg for a reverse tornado kick.


  • Full Auto (Hold Punch or Kick)
    • Add a follow up burst of gunfire to attacks.
  • Bullet Climax (Rotate Left Stick+Shoot)
    • Fire powerful, magic-charged bullets. Change the direction of fire with Left Stick, and hold Shoot to keep shooting.
  • Chrysalis (Hold Shoot)
    • Charge and transform the gun, then release Shoot to fire a laser.

Masquerade RageMasquerade Rage[]

  • Masquerade Queen (L+R)
    • Summon Madama's arms and dance elegantly while unleashing a whirling storm of beautiful brutality.



  • When designing the attacks for Colour My World, the development team focused on the key concept of using dance moves as a method of attack in order to highlight Bayonetta's stylishness. Yusuke Miyata, the director of Bayonetta 3, claimed that the team spent over a year refining Colour My World's attack animations until they found the right balance of making each attack impactful but without sacrificing the flowing nature of the dance moves.
  • While the names of the individual guns of Colour My World are taken from the song by Petula Clark. A different song of the same name was written by the band Chicago and is notable for containing only one verse. Frank Sinatra, who covered "Fly Me to the Moon", "Moon River" and "Moonlight Serenade", wanted to cover the song on the condition that the song's writer would create an additional verse, but the offer was declined.
  • According to initial concept art, Colour My World was originally going to be called Madame Butterfly at some point during development.
  • Colour My World's design might be an indirect reference to its predecessors, combining Scarborough Fair's double barrel and Love Is Blue single barrel, and mixing their red and blue color schemes to make purple.