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Colour My World is the name of Bayonetta's new set of firearms from the third game, Bayonetta 3. Replacing Scarborough Fair and Love Is Blue, they are purple-hued, matching the newest entry's logos and aesthetics.


Colour My World is a set of four purple firearms with magical gems on their barrels. Adorned with a nature-themed engraving featuring Madama Butterfly's wings and flowers, they have ivory handles with the butterfly wings once again engraved upon them, as well as Rodin's signature stamp near the gems. On top of the guns is a flintlock hammer with a red gem for each gun. Taking their name from Petula Clark's song of the same name, their individual names seem to be taking directly from the lyrics.

Attached to the handles are colorful charms that appear to be based on bugs, with a teardrop gem attached to them, and colors matching the gems on the barrels. The charms are as follows;

  • A White gem on her right-hand gun.
    • The Bug charm is a Bee.
  • A Yellow gem on her left-hand gun.
    • Engraved upon it is "Yellow Sunshine".
    • The Bug charm is a Ladybug.
  • A Green gem on her right-heel gun.
    • The Bug charm is a Beetle.
  • A Blue gem on her left-feel gun.
    • The Bug charm is a Dragonfly.

They also surround Bayonetta's attacks in purple demonic energy, unlike the blue energy from the second entry, and the red energy from the first game.

Colour My World seems to be based on a flintlock pistol, similarly to the Umbran Sisters from the past, albeit three-barreled.

Unique Traits

Featuring entirely new combos redesigned from the ground up, Bayonetta takes on moves reminescent of dancing with Colour My World, each move flowing into one another seamlessly, contrasting against the technical, martial arts-like moveset of Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue.


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