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The "Cirrostratus", one of the two Heavy Tandem Combat Unit, is a Homunculus and boss enemy that appears in the third game, Bayonetta 3. Together with its partner Homunculus, Cirrocumulus, these Homunculi work as a pair and act to overwhelm Bayonetta during her quest in the third alternate universe.

Anatomia Complex[]

An unusual, massive Homunculus type designed by Singularity with the intent to replicate gods worshiped by ancient civilizations.

Its appearance is a far cry from any naturally occurring lifeform, with a lizard-like torso and humanoid upper body, and one of its arms is a tentacle that ends in something resembling a dragon's head.

Created along with Cirrocumulus, its basic capabilities are the same but it also has the ability to deliver powerful electric attacks, mimicking the "divine judgment" spoken of long ago.


Cirrostratus appears as a partially-humanoid draconic centaur, sporting black chitinous growths, scales, and "armor" akin to the Nebulosus, Opacus, and Radiatus homunculi. Cirrostratus' appearance mirrors the Cirrocumulus, save for its design's inverted colors and canine theme.

Its humanoid body resembles a female centaur with blank facial features save for a canid-shaped helmet, talismans covering its breasts, along with a defined midriff, with its right arm being humanoid and the left arm draconic. The outlines of Stratus homunculi can be seen behind the humanoid torso's back, and on the dorsal ridge of the draconic head, along with the hind legs. The draconic head itself features white fangs, a green tongue, and a black armored snout with pink ribbons flowing right behind the head.

The lower draconic body is entirely covered in black chitinous scales, save for the joints at the limbs, along with a sharp, segmented tail.



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  • The term cirrostratus refers to one of the three main types of high-altitude tropospheric clouds, along with cirrus and cirrocumulus. A thin stratiform cloud, cirrostratus are formed from the freezing of a cirrocumulus, and as such, are made out of ice-crystals. Its presence indicates a large amount of moisture in the upper troposphere.
  • Its humanoid part's jackal-like appearance appears to be based on the Egyptian god Anubis. This is supported by the Cirrocumulus entry in the Anatomia Complex referencing the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which depicts Anubis and Thoth with the judgment of the afterlife; its Cirrocumulus counterpart also sports an ibis-like figure similar to Thoth.

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