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Chernobog is a new scythe-like weapon first featured in the second game, Bayonetta 2 that can be equipped to the hands. Appearing as a triple-bladed scythe with the blades moving like claws, Chernobog is a slower weapon that attacks in wide cleaving slashes. Jeanne's equivalent weapon is the Inferno Slayer.

In-Game Description[]

A scythe containing souls captured by the god of death Chernobog, who had been expelled to the farthest depths of Inferno. Rodin infused the scythe with some particularly exquisite souls, restoring the weapon to its former glory.


Chernobog is a triple bladed scythe. The snath is coloured dark magenta with a few metallic grey and dark yellow coloured parts. There's a black top grip that doubles as a sort of shotgun pump grip to regenerate the blades that were shot out by holding down the punch or kick button. The blades are silver with purple parts and are constantly moving, they are also loose and can spin around freely for more devastating attacks.

How to Obtain[]

During Chapter 5: The Cathedral of Cascades, the weapon can be obtained by locating the first half of its LP in a hidden area on the left-hand side on the bottom of the lake. The other half is located in a bright room in "The Grand Hall" after exiting the circular hole that stops the water section.

Unique Traits[]

Slower than most other weapons, Chernobog relies on its reach and ability to cleave through numerous enemies at once, having a fairly high rate of stagger and ability to disable multiple enemies at a time. Unlike 武甕槌 Takemikazuchi however, it lacks sufficient impact on power through defensive enemies and bosses, making it require more finesse to execute its combo chains.

Bullet Climax: Bayonetta will spin with the scythe out-stretched, hitting all enemies several times in very quick succession. If Punch is pressed repeatedly Bayonetta will continue to spin. This attack causes high stagger and is great for crowd control when surrounded.

Charge Modifier: Bayonetta will hold Chernobog like a long rifle and fire from the hip after a brief delay, launching the three scythe blades. One blade travels straight forward, while the other two travel diagonally to it. If all three blades hit a single target this attack will deal with significant damage to it.

Notable Combos: PunchPunchKickPunch results in a vertical propeller finisher that will not only launch nearly any enemy in the game, especially during Witch Time but is large enough to hit the entire groups of clustered enemies and will then juggle them in the air on its own for nearly a full second. Chernobog's Stiletto (Press the Left Joystick ForwardPress the Left Joystick ForwardPunch or Lock On (Right Bumper or R1)+Press the Left Joystick ForwardPunch) is also notable in that it will rotate the three blades at the end of the scythe in a propeller motion, grinding up enemies for high damage and combo points.

Wicked Weaves & Umbran Climax: Much like 修羅刃 -Shuraba- and Rakshasa, Chernobog's Wicked Weaves consist of summoning spectral blades instead of using Bayonetta's hair as its conduit. These blades manifest in rapidly rotating motions and are generally referred to as "propellers", grinding up foes with a flurry of strikes and dealing significant damage. These "propeller strikes" do even greater damage to larger enemies, but less damage to humanoid bosses.

During Umbran Climax these blades will manifest as large sweeping claw-like scythes that sweep across the battlefield in huge arcs, with finishers summoning Mictlantecuhtli to strike all enemies numerous times in a huge area, generally striking all enemies in a battlefield simultaneously.

Inferno Slayer[]

Jeanne's equivalent to Chernabog is the Inferno Slayer, a scythe used by a former Lumen Sage whose epithet is of the same name and used the weapon to relentlessly hunt demons.[1] This Lumen Sage earned his nickname from his relentlessly killing of demons to protect human villagers from wandering demons. However, he was eventually expelled as their protector and Inferno Slayer's whereabouts and his weapon became unknown. His weapon ended up in the hands of a demon in Inferno and after hearing about it, the demonsmith Rodin claimed both the weapon and the demon's soul, giving it the name of its former wielder. The weapon would later end up at the hands of one of the last Umbra Witch, Jeanne.[1]

In-Game Description[]

A scythe used by a sage to hunt demons who wandered into human villages. His merciless killing of demon after demon earned him the name Inferno Slayer by the villagers. At first, they praised him, but eventually they grew afraid of his power and expelled him from the village, no longer remembering him as a protector. No one knows what happened to the sage after he was expelled, and the scythe's whereabouts were long since lost to the sands of time. Eventually, Rodin heard rumor that a demon in Inferno possessed it; the weaponsmith claimed the scythe for himself, along with the soul of the demon. The scythe was then given the name of its previous owner, and became an instrument for slaying demons and angels alike.



  • Chernobog is named after the Black God from Slavic mythology. Not much is known of him except he is depicted as being evil. In Disney's Fantasia, Chernobog (spelled Chernabog) appears in the "Night On Bald Mountain" sequence. He is depicted as a satanic deity, further implying his evil origins.