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Charge Bullets

Charge Bullet in action.

Charge Bullet is a new Technique that was introduced in the second game, Bayonetta 2 that affects the normal shooting attack when activated. It can be purchased from the shop, the Gates of Hell.


By holding down the 'Y' button, and as the name implies, Charge Bullet will charge up Bayonetta's guns as she fires normally. By pressing the 'Y' button again repeatedly after charging, she will fire a few shots of larger, purple bullets. The combo points gained from these bullets are still low, despite doing a little more damage than normal gunshots and it cannot be used in tandem with Dodge Offset. Though it will sometimes stagger enemies, it's usefulness is severely outclassed by charge modified attacks from other gun weapons.


  • In Chapter XVI of the game, Bayonetta 2, during the 'Jetfighter Assault' segment, Charge Bullet allows Bayonetta to summon a Wicked Weave to fire instead of her usual bullets at enemies.