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The Heavy Monitoring Interception Unit "Castellanus" are interception units of Homunculi that serve as bosses in Bayonetta 3.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Homunculus type created for enemy surveillance and analyzing military progress.

While it resembles a towering pillar, the majority of the pillar is simply a support for the main section situated at the top and out of harm's way.

The pillar portion is composed of stacked segments which can be destroyed to bring down the main section, but each pillar segment can defend itself with abilities like producing Stratus Homunculi and creating defensive barriers, making it a challenge to destroy.

The main section can also grow legs and move independently if the pillar is completely destroyed, and can attack by throwing the ring-shaped weapon on its back like a boomerang.


The Castellanus starts as a round base rooted to the ground followed by eight Lotus-shaped layers falling on top of each other to form a tall stack, crowned by the Castellanus itself, a humanoid figure from the waist up with small hands in a meditative posture and a large Disk on it's back. The ribbon extends from the top of it's head. Once all the eight stacks are knocked out, Castellanus will walk on six insectoid legs.


Castellanus itself never moves when on top of the stacks so long as at least one of them is intact. Instead, it will project a barrier that will keep Bayonetta from approaching, only allowing ranged attacks and projectiles and Demon Slaves to directly attack it.

While stationary, it often attacks with Stratus units used as bullets, bouncing spherical projectiles, or a charged laser, and will manifest several green tentacles that will immediately paralyze her Demon Slave on contact. Castellanus is always accompanied by smaller Homunculi such as Stratus and Nebulosus, and can spawn additional Stratuses as needed.

Once knocked out of its tower, the Castellanus will walk around, detach the disk from its back and spin it rapidly, hitting in a variety of ranges. Castellanus retains its laser attack in this phase.

Recommended Weapons[]

Weapons with a long range will assist hitting the stacks of Castellanus such as charged shots from G-Pillar or Dead End Express, or combos from Cassiopeia or Abracadabra, the latter being able to easily finish the basic Combo with a powerful laser that can finish with a Demon Slave hit that will immediately knock a section of the tower away. Baal however is extremely powerful as her Rain of Poison will also harm the top of the Castellanus, taking only 2 Rains out of her to completely kill the Castellanus without going through the trouble of knocking it out of the eight Stacks.


  • A "castellanus" or "castelattus" (from Latin castellanus, meaning "castle") is a type of cloud that is mostly shaped in a way where the top protrudes in immense tower-like shapes, similar to the turrets of a castle.
  • The overall shape and posing of Castellanus alludes to the Hindu imagery of gods meditating on top of a large lotus flower.

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