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Cachet & Compassion are angel enemies that appear in the second game, Bayonetta 2. They belong to the Third Sphere Angels and replace Dear & Decorations from the original game as the most basic angel enemies in both appearance and abilities.

Hierarchy of Laguna[]

Belonging to the lowest rank of angels, these two angels are said to have been sacred weapons brought to Paradiso after the heroes they traveled with came to the end of a long journey.

Charged with protecting the gates of Paradiso, their powerful blades deal swift justice to anyone who carelessly trespasses into the divine realm.



Cachets are airborne angels with small bodies, tails, and two pairs of golden, spiked wings. They are adorned with gold armor, purple gems and also have two multiple faces split apart at the eyes.


Compassions are similar in appearance, but they only have one face and no gold armor covering their tails, being green instead and decorated with red gems.


Neither Cachet nor Compassion has many offensive abilities, but can be a little tricky if they swarm Bayonetta in big numbers. Compassion can extend a blade from their bottom end, and use it in sweeping and stabbing motions but can be stunned with simple attacks.

Cachet has a couple more abilities including a dangerous charge attack that replaces the blades of Compassion. They can also sink into the ground and stab the drill upward in an attempt, to catch Bayonetta off guard.

When they're fought together, Cachet commands the Compassions into lining up and attacking. Killing the Cachet leader causes the remaining Compassions to disperse around the battlefield.

Recommended Weapons[]

Due to Cachet & Compassion's relatively weak health, including their resistance to being stunned by attacks, most if not all weapons in Bayonetta's arsenal will dispatch them with ease. Umbran Climax and Alruna's Bullet Climax are also good for dealing with the angels if crowd control is REALLY needed.