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Bull Kiss is Viola's ranged option in Bayonetta 3. Although they seem like regular darts, they are actually charged with Magic by Viola.

In-Game Description[]

Viola's special throwing darts that she charges with magic power one by one.

Each dart contains a glass tube full of ether, and by charging it with magic power she can change perfectly normal throwing darts into highly damaging magic missiles.

However, since Viola doesn't particularly enjoy work that requires precise concentration, she often nods off while charging them, causing the amount of magic power in the darts to be somewhat inconsistent.

How To Obtain[]

Automatically equipped when playing as Viola.

Unique Traits[]

Bull kiss are darts that can be charged by pressing and holding Shoot. Unlocking certain skills on the skill tree allows for Viola to leap and rain down darts that explode on a small delay.