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Bewitchment Locked

Bewitchments are a series of collectables in the second game, Bayonetta 2 that serve as a new form of the Bewitchments from the first game. There are a total of 30 Bewitchments to collect, and each one contributes to the total of Umbran Tears Of Blood

Below is a list of all Bewitchments in the game.


Icon Name Description
Bewitchment After the End Comes... After the End Comes... Complete the Records Of Time on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Prologue Complete Prologue Complete Complete the Prologue on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapters I-IV Complete Chapters I-IV Complete Complete Chapters I-IV on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapters V-VI Complete Chapters V-VI Complete Complete Chapters V-VI on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapter VII Complete Chapter VII Complete Complete Chapter VII on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapters VIII-IX Complete Chapters VIII-IX Complete Complete Chapters VIII-IX on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapters X-XII Complete Chapters X-XII Complete Complete Chapters X-XII on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapters XIII-XV Complete Chapters XIII-XV Complete Complete Chapters XIII-XV on any difficulty.
Bewitchment Chapter XVI Complete Chapter XVI Complete Complete Chapter XVI on any difficulty
Bewitchment True Witch True Witch Playing ∞ Climax mode, complete every chapter.
Bewitchment Apprentice Of Secret Arts Apprentice Of Secret Arts Create your first Concoction.
Bewitchment Prepared For Anything Prepared For Anything Make your first purchase at the Gates of Hell.
Bewitchment War On All Planes War On All Planes Complete a Muspelheim challenge.
Bewitchment Master Of Secret Arts Master Of Secret Arts Concoct every possible item at least once.
Bewitchment Discography Discography Collect all Angelic Hymns Gold LPs.
Bewitchment Scrapbook Complete Scrapbook Complete Collect all of the Journal's Echoes.
Bewitchment Liberator of Time Liberator of Time Open all of the Umbra Witches' final resting places.
Bewitchment Card Collector Card Collector Collect every Verse Card
Bewitchment Umbran Successor Umbran Successor Acquire all skills.
Bewitchment Cruel Witchcraft Cruel Witchcraft Defeat 20 Angels with Torture Attacks.
Bewitchment Relentless Witchcraft Relentless Witchcraft Defeat 20 Demons with Torture Attacks.
Bewitchment Destroyer of the Light Destroyer of the Light Defeat 30 Angels with Umbran Climaxes.
Bewitchment Survivor of Darkness Survivor of Darkness Defeat 30 Demons with Umbran Climaxes.
Bewitchment End Ruler End Ruler Complete all of Muspelheim.
Bewitchment Retribution Of Thorns Retribution Of Thorns In Story Mode, tie up and slam down enemies 50 times with Alruna.
Bewitchment Darkness Envelops Light Darkness Envelops Light Defeat Balder in Chapter XII without taking damage.
Bewitchment Ice Queen Ice Queen In Story Mode, freeze over 40 non-ice elemental enemy types with Undine.
Bewitchment Ace Pilot Ace Pilot Defeat all enemies in Jetfighter Assault.
Bewitchment Bad Boy! Bad Boy! Touch Bayonetta once during 10 different cutscenes.
Bewitchment Beautiful! Beautiful! Defeat Rodin.