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Cereza is the younger form of Bayonetta that appears as the protagonist of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. As a young apprentice witch ostracized by her clan due to the circumstances of her birth, Cereza is eventually taken in by a fellow outcast witch Morgana and trained in the dark arts.

While plagued by nightmares of being unable to save her mother, Cereza has a vision of a mysterious boy who beckons her to enter the forbidden Avalon Forest with the promise of the power to rescue Rosa. Enticed to go against her teacher's warnings and throwing her caution to the wind, Cereza heads into Avalon.

In the process, Cereza attempts to commune with an Infernal Demon for protection, but inadvertently traps one such demon inside her stuffed toy. With the demon bound to her magic, Cereza promises to find a way to send him home if he aids her in her quest through the forest.


A beautiful young girl born from a bond between the Lumen Sages of light and the Umbra Witches of darkness.

As relations between these two clans are strictly forbidden, Cereza's birth resulted in her being labelled an outcast, scorned and mocked by the other Umbra.

In time, Cereza began to be tortured by nightmares of how powerless she was to help her mother, who had cared so deeply for Cereza. Becoming strong enough to one day help her became Cereza's one motivation for getting through each day.

She cherishes the stuffed cat toy her mother gave her, which she named "Cheshire". Never leaving her side, Cheshire often listens to the stories of the lonely girl.

Tormented by the ridicule of her clan, Cereza ran off to live with a witch named Morgana, who resides just outside Avalon Forest. Morgana saw vast potential in Cereza despite her youth, and began training her rigorously in the Umbran Arts.

Though a strict teacher, Cereza can feel a certain kindness from Morgana, and eventually has come to trust her like she would trust her mother.

One night, a young boy appears in Cereza's dreams, telling her that deep inside the forbidden Avalon Forest, there sleeps something that could aid Cereza to find the power she seeks. She decides to believe the boy and heads off to the forest.

After being chased by a pack of malevolent Faeries, Cereza attempts to summon a demon, and the medium inadvertently becomes her own stuffed animal. Cereza decides to name the demon Cheshire, after the toy it possesses, and the two begin their strange and fateful journey.

At the onset of their travels, the two realise they can very easily rub each other the wrong way. Cheshire often irritates Cereza by highlighting her inexperience. The last straw is when Cheshire gives a vigorous slash to Cereza's mother, causing her to disappear. The vision of Rosa is an illusion created by the faeries, but the shock to Cereza is real.

And yet, after going their separate ways, Cereza realises that her strength does have limits, and she has come to rely on Cheshire. She realises that she appreciates Cheshire, and begins to be able to see things from his perspective. The two eventually reach an understanding, and afterwards they develop true bonds of friendship.

The relationship Cereza forges during her time in Avalon leave her with unforgettable memories that will undoubtedly help shape her into a confident witch able to pursue her dream of becoming a powerful Umbra with a newfound determination.

This chapter of her journey having now reached its end, Cereza looks one last time at the house she trained with Morgana. Vowing to one day become a witch worthy of her mother, she steps off into the moonlight.


Cereza is a young, inexperienced witch apprentice still learning to grasp the Dark Arts. She has a tendency to be clumsy and her softheartedness often keeps her from realizing her true potential. But despite her lack of ability, her convictions in wanting to become strong enough to free her mother from her captivity allows her to summon the bravery needed become a true Umbra Witch and face the perils of Avalon Forest.


Cereza appears as a young teenage girl. Her hair is styled into the shape of cat ears with a singular ribbon woven into one, and ending in a long braid. She wears a pair of black rounded glasses, with a singular red gem dangling off the left lens. Her attire is a brownish suit with trailing sleeves, adorned with a red bow on her chest and puffy shorts. She wears brown stockings and a pair of flat shoes that tie in ribbons around her legs. When training to summon her first Infernal Demon, Cereza receives a special brace from Morgana that she wears on her left hand which amplifies her magic power.

After saving Cheshire in Puca's fortress, Cereza cuts her hair short in order to use the strands as a bandage for Cheshire's wound. At the end of the game, she styles her hair into the beehive updo most famously seen in the first game.


The game begins with Cereza inside a nightmare consisting of other Umbra Witches ostracizing her. She proceeds to break down, before Jeanne brings her back to her senses. The two young witches start making their way to Rosa's prison, but Jeanne stays behind to hold back the guards. Cereza arrives her mother's cell, but the figure inside vanishes once she gets close. A bell starts ringing ominously as Cereza is caught inside an Infernal void. At the last moment, she is saved by a mysterious boy who tells her to go into Avalon Forest; that he'll grant her the power to save her mother if she does so.

Cereza wakes up from her nightmare and is scolded by Morgana for neglecting her chores. Later that night, Cereza attempts to summon her first Infernal Demon using a special brace provided by Morgana. However, she fails to use her hair as a conduit and is nearly attacked before the demon dissipates. Though desperate to try again, Morgana doesn't allow her. Disheartened, but remembering the words of the boy in her dream, Cereza decides to ignore Morgana's warnings and goes into Avalon to become strong and save Rosa. Taking the brace with her, she leaves that same night.

Cereza's bravado is eventually whittled away the further she travels into the forest before she is suddenly attacked by faeries. Knowing that she is no match for them on her own, she once again tries to summon a demon, but nothing seemingly happens. The faeries are about to jump her when they're all suddenly killed; an unknown demon had answered her call. The demons proceeds to pounce at Cereza and takes her Cheshire doll as a medium body. The demon demands that Cereza return him to Inferno, but the inexperienced girl unsure how. Furious at this confinement, the demon attempts to flee in order to find a way back to Inferno, but quickly discovers that distancing from Cereza weakens his power. Realizing her mistake, Cereza promises to find a way to send the demon back home if he accompanies her through Avalon to help her find the power she seeks. With no other choice, the demon begrudgingly agrees. As the demon lacks a name, Cereza names him "Cheshire" after the doll he inhabits.



Despite the power she would later wield as an adult, Cereza's initial magical experience is initially very limited and acts as more of a supporting role to Cheshire's physical offensive abilities when combatting the faeries of the forest. Her primary method to dealing with enemies is to bind them with her Thorn Bind spell, immobilising a foe in place to allow Cheshire to land hits. She is also able to replenish Cheshire's magical power.

Outside of combat, Cereza's powers also allow her to manipulate the environment. Using Witch Pulse, Cereza performs a dance that allows her to transform objects such as Infernal plants and other items of interest in order to unlock new paths to explore or collect more resources. She is also able to later use Witch Pulse along with restorative magic to repair broken objects such as platforms or bridges by using her hair as a direct conduit, though cannot keep them in this state for long. The brace she is given also allows her to dispel the illusions the faeries craft.

Aside from her magic, Cereza can mix together a variety of tonics and potions that can heal and boost the prowess of both herself and Cheshire using the ingredients found throughout the forest.


  • "I'm going to become a witch and save Mummy!"
  • "How could a dank old forest be that scary a place anyway?"
  • "Did I manage to summon a demon that has now possessed Cheshire?"


  • "Cheshire!"
  • "Come here!"
  • "Cheshire, over here!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Cool!"
  • "Woah!"
  • "You're getting punished!"
  • "How do you like this?"
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "Cheshire, let's go!"
  • "Let's get them, Cheshire!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Get out!"


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  • Cereza, or possibly a variant of her, is briefly playable in a secret chapter in Bayonetta 3, unlocked by finding the keys to the Old Picture Book; a costume resembling her can also be unlocked upon completing a special requirement inside the chapter.
  • There are various hints in the game that suggest that this Cereza and the time-displaced Cereza featured in the original Bayonetta are the same person. This is inferred by Cereza being able to use magic via the power of the Left Eye, as the other Cereza's venture into the future allowed her to awaken its power, although the Origins Cereza does not appear to be aware of it and does not use it again afterward. Origins' Cereza's default costume is also named "A Brave Witch", which is potentially a reference to the first game's Cereza's desire to become brave and growing up to be a braver Bayonetta in her altered timeline. Lastly, one of the unlockable costumes in Origins titled "Younger Days" bears a striking resemblance to the time-displaced Cereza's appearance, with two braids and a pink nightgown; furthermore, the costume's description reads "Some clothes that Cereza has grown out of. She still remembers that search for her mummy vividly." This references the time-displaced Cereza's journey with Bayonetta (whom she mistook for her mother) in the first game.