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A variant of Bayonetta (real name Cereza) whose adventures eventually finds her 500 years in the past during the Witch Hunts. Existing in an alternate universe, this alternate Bayonetta is only present within the chapter "Records of Time: The End" in Bayonetta 2.[1]


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This Bayonetta's history is presumed to be similar that of her original counterpart.[2]


Bayonetta 2[]

Finding herself 500 years in the past alongside her mother, both Umbra Witches fended off against assaults of the Laguna and Infernal Demons. During the battle, the both of them separated from one another and Bayonetta continues to battle with the Umbran Armor until it is destroyed by an Valiance angel, though she manages to dodge it's attack and continues her assault until she lands on top of a Worship and is confronted by the Masked Lumen. Surprised to learn of a surviving sage, she battles the Masked Lumen and the both seem to be evenly matched though she damages his mask. As she compares her to the last sage she had battle, she is surprised to see that he possesses the Right Eye of Light.[3]


  • Several events differ from the mainstream version of Bayonetta 2 such as her usage of the Umbran Armor, battling both demons and angels instead of just angels, and having met the Masked Lumen much later, instead of Loptr.


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