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Bayonetta β0 was a variant of Bayonetta who existed in an alternate universe and the mother of Viola. Appearing within the "Records of Time: Phenomenal Affirmation" Chapter of Bayonetta 3, she is an Umbra Witch and finds herself clashing against Singularity as her world is on the brink of destruction.


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While this Bayonetta's history is assumed to resemble that of her mainstream counterpart, much of the detail surrounding her past is listed as unknown. At some point in her life, she had a child with the Luka Redgrave native to her universe, Viola, and joined Connor Sigurd's resistance to fight against Singularity and the invading Homunculi.


Bayonetta 3[]

As her world is on the cusp of being wiped out due to Singularity's invasion, Bayonetta β0 lands amid the ruins of a destroyed New York City and tries to battle the entity using her Bullet Arts and Demon Slave abilities. However, Singularity's firm grasp on controlling the nature of reality with their power means she is fighting a losing battle and is ultimately unable to even injure him. He fractures Bayonetta β0's Umbran Watch and encases her inside a mount of telekinetic rubble.

Viola and Connor can only look on as Bayonetta β0 is slowly crushed, her whole body beginning to crystallise. In her dying moments, Bayonetta gifts Viola with the last of her magic and begs her to flee before she is shattered into pieces. After Singularity then kills Connor, Viola escapes to another universe using a "world bridge" before her world is utterly destroyed.


  • Bayonetta β0 was originally featured in the 2017 teaser trailer for Bayonetta 3 and her appearance in the final game calls back to this trailer in numerous ways:
    • The opening of the battle before landing in New York is a shot for shot reproduction of Bayonetta being beaten down in the trailer, also using the same sound effects.
    • Like in the trailer, Bayonetta β0 wields a set of guns that look visually similar to Scarborough Fair, including sharing the same moveset and sound effects, but they are inscribed with the name of Whittingham Fair instead.
    • Minute differences between her and the Bayonetta that appear in the first game is that her guns are called Whittingham Fair, which has white pistol grips, not Scarborough Fair, which has black pistol grips. Her mole is near her left eye, almost hidden by her glasses. She originally starts out with two ribbons. Her face make up is slightly heavier, and her hair (and its imprint on her costume) is a darker shade of black.
    • She shows slight battle damage with her costume. A gold chain is broken on the small of her back on the right side, and the decorative black markings on the wrists of her costume are broken up. Strangely it seems that the costume you play as in Bayonetta 3 using the Super Mirror 1 has these battle damages.
    • Bayonetta β0 loses one of the ribbons in her hair during the fight with Singularity, referencing how said ribbon opened the original trailer before being ripped in two.
    • The trailer features Bayonetta being killed by Singularity at the end of their battle, which comes to pass for Bayonetta β0 in the final game.