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An unnamed bare hands technique is Rodin's "weapon" that he uses in Tag Climax


Rodin does not fight with extensive combos, or even Wicked Weaves, despite him using what would count as Wicked Weaves in the fight against him. Gameplay, like Rodin, resembles fighting in the Umbran Armor; he has three-hit combos composed of punches and kicks, with the third hit in the series acting as a mild "finisher." The combination of punches and kicks that the player chooses appears to make no difference.

Rodin also appears to be able to use Dodge Offset, despite him lacking a proper dodge. In the place of the dodge function, Rodin will suddenly form a demonic shield that causes enemies to flinch when timed properly.

Rodin's charge modifier will power up the current attack, while also giving it a significant increase in range. All of his non-aerial attacks can be charged up. Because of these traits, the "feel" for Rodin's attacks greatly resembles gauntlet-style Devil Arms in the Devil May Cry series.

Pressing the [shoot] button will cause Rodin to aggressively fire a small laser from his eyes, making distant enemies flinch.

For his Umbran Climax, Rodin takes the appearance of his demonic form, and all of his attacks output maximum power and range without having to be charged up. During the second game that is.


Rodin has a distinct lack of mobility. However, this hindrance is easily remedied simply by jumping, then following up with After Burner Kick whenever enemies are out of melee range. Rodin's attacks are very powerful, and can rack up points very quickly, provided the player spends as little time as possible in between attacks. One of Rodin's most useful and powerful moves is his version of Heel Stomp, which unleashes an incredibly wide range "bursting" attack that does not consume magic upon use.