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Banchine Model P, Arsenal of Doom, is the name of a machine-type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, created by the Faeries.


A rudimentary machine created by the faeries with the supposed purpose of scaring intruders. Simply put, it's a walking bomb. It contains enough explosives to clear away a large chunk of debris, so it's probably a good deal too strong for just intimidation tactics. If you walk into one, you're probably dead, but that's a design flaw that particularly doesn't bother the faeries.

The bombs are built using bombagranates from the forest with a dash more firepower applied through faerie magic. Many faeries comment the noise it makes upon detonation sounds like a loud, banshee-esque scream, which they took into consideration when deciding its name.

While able to move around by itself to some extent, in order to prevent any disastrous false detonations, it requires to be given an objective before it is armed. This configuration needs to, however, be done by a faerie, and the slightest impact after its completion will result in immediate detonation, making this job rather unpopular among faeries.


  • The faerie's name is a portemanteau of Banshee, a creature from Irish folklore whose scream acts as an omen of death for anyone hearing it, and Machine.