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A powerful witch with regal beauty and fire... ― Baal to Bayonetta

Baal, also known as Empress of the Fathoms, is a large toad Infernal Demon. Said to be a member of Inferno's royalty, she initially manifests during Umbran Climax attacks during the events of Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 3 features Baal lending her strength towards Bayonetta as a part of both the Demon Masquerade and Demon Slave abilities. In Bayonetta 3, her true form is the demon Baal Zebul, Siren of Creeping Plague.

Book of Infernal Demons[]

Bayonetta 2[]

A royal inhabitant of Inferno. Concealing her form under most circumstances, she appears as a gigantic toad when summoned.

Baal's enormous, wobbly body is too heavy for her to control, giving her a disadvantage in the heat of battle; however, she possesses an endlessly extending tongue that can reach the far ends of the battlefield and swallow up opponents within an instant.

Bayonetta 3[]

A member of the royal family that rules over a certain region of Inferno

Preferring not to be seen, she conceals herself under most circumstances, but she sometimes enters into contracts with witches of sufficient ability and answers their summons.

Contrary to her enormous, toad-like appearance, Baal is quite light on her feet and has extraordinary jumping ability

She is also one of the most accomplished singers in Inferno and stirs not only the soul of those who hear her voice, but even the skies themselves, and is able to manipulate air pressure to cause poison rain to fall and hurt those who would dare oppose her.

She also possesses an endlessly extending and sticky tongue that can snare distant opponents and swallow them in an instant.

Baal Zebul[]

Baal's true form, revealed by Bayonetta's "Deadly Sin" ritual.

This form is only revealed to those she has formed an eternal pact with; in other words, an opponent who sees this form has come face to face with their imminent demise

In this form, Baal adopts a truly regal and graceful air, singing with an emotional and beautiful voice that resounds through all of Inferno, bringing a dramatic death on part with an expertly performed aria.

In fact, her love of opera is such that she occasionally journeys into the human world disguised as an average toad, sneaking up to the rafters of theaters to watch.



Baal resembles a gigantic toad with a noticeable bust, a mixture of purple and gray flesh tones peppered with red spikes along her back; close inspection reveals the spikes to be the tails of many tadpoles. She has multiple eyes, two on each side of her face and one on her forehead, these eyes appear red in Bayonetta 2 and are smooth like jewels while in Bayonetta 3 they are pink with horizontal slit pupils, much like a real toad.

In both of her appearances, Baal is adorned with all manner of accessories and jewellery, though the designs of them slightly vary between games. She wears a necklace of skulls or gold, a pair of "earrings" that are attached to loops at the corners of her mouth, and a grandiose headdress of jewels and horns to reflect her royal status.

In Bayonetta 3, Baal also wears a white collar with spiked gold detailing not uncommon to more stereotypical positions of sovereigns of old, as well as noticeable clothing around her chest made of blue fabric and gold, as well as another chain around her stomach similar to a belly dancer.

Baal Zebul[]

Baal Zebul is a beautiful humanoid demon with pale porcelain greyish white skin, pinkish red hair, which is straight and sports very long with bangs that almost cover her bright red eyes. She has red fingernails and a mouth full of sharp triangular teeth, her cheeks are also full of slits allowing for her mouth to unhinge and open up completely, becoming much like that of a toad. It is noticeable by the concept art and book of Infernal Demons' footprint that although Baal Zebul is more humanoid than before she still has her long amphibian tongue and webbed frog feet.

She wears a very big pink and lilac ball gown with white detailing and a golden, metallic, cage-like crinoline that has red spikes on the front, much like those on the back of her Baal form, all over it and golden skulls dangling from the bottom. This ball gown, according to the game's files, is in fact part of her own body, a fact that can be confirmed by taking a closer look at it and noticing that it has a sheen to it much like the slimy skin of an amphibian as well as blood vessels running through the soft parts of the dress.

She wears a big assortment of jewels, from rings to earrings, to a necklace and a big golden medallion, but perhaps her most notable piece of jewellery is her crown, which indicates her royal status, it is made from gold and it has a humanoid skull shape with green, lilac and red gemstones, the crown has two horn-like protrusions as decorations and a silk-like sheer cloth around the head with golden charms around it that cover the sides of her head.


Bayonetta 2[]

Though Baal doesn't take an active role in the story itself, she is fully summoned the second time that Bayonetta encounters Belief in Chapter II. She wraps the giant angel with her long tongue and slowly drags it towards her as it resists, eventually swallowing it whole. Seemingly satisfied with her meal, Baal promptly disappears back into Inferno.

Bayonetta 3[]

During her travels to stop the Homunculi, Bayonetta crosses paths with Baal. The demon remarks that Bayonetta is a powerful witch, noting her "regal beauty", and requests her aid in saving Jeanne β3, her contracted mistress. Though she is not able to remain with her for long before Jeanne grows too weak to sustain her summoning, Baal joins the witch as both a summonable ally and a fusion for Demon Masquerade after she returns from Egypt. She is later empowered to become Baal Zebul through Deadly Sin to battle the Perlucidus-possessed Bayonetta β4.



As a demonic frog, Baal has powerful hind legs that can deliver powerful kicks and propel her several times her own height. Baal's tongue is also a powerful weapon, with a length several times longer than her own body and covered in spikes. It is completely prehensile, allowing her to use it as essentially a fifth limb. With it, she can swallow enemies up or use it as a deadly whip.

Baal is capable of creating deadly toxins within her body, releasing them through her skin, limbs, mouth, or making these toxins rain over the battlefield.

The demonic tadpoles Baal carries on her back can be released and have the power to swim though the air and explode upon contact with an enemy.

Perhaps Baal's most notorious ability is her voice, as she's not only an accomplished singer but she can weaponize this voice to release powerful sonic attacks and even command the weather itself through it.

Baal Zebul[]

In her true form, Baal Zebul receives an incredible boost to her vocal powers. With her singing, she was able to instantly destroy thousands of Perlucidus in a few minutes while performing, and even killed Bayonetta β4 and Mictlantecuhtli with the final note. Her singing is so powerful that it can act as a shield from attacks or concentrate itself into energy beams.


Bayonetta 2[]

Baal can also be summoned by way of Umbran Climax as an Infernal Weave, primarily with the dual whips Alruna. When summoned in this way, she will either whip her tongue in a circular arc or slam it into the ground, creating a shockwave that blasts enemies nearby. Baal can also appear during particular combos with Love Is Blue, where she will use her tongue to pull herself towards a foe and then spit it onto the ground, causing massive damage, or appear with Bayonetta on her head to vomit up a big blob of stomach acid as a projectile in a straight line over the battlefield.

Baal is summoned as the Torture Attack against Resentment. She slams the demon into the ground with her tongue numerous times, before drawing it into her mouth in an instant kill.

Baal has also shown to have a singing voice

Bayonetta 3[]

Baal Masquerade

Bayonetta fused with Baal during Demon Masquerade

The Demon Slave ability allows Bayonetta to call Baal to the battlefield, where she strikes enemies with her tongue and leaps at them in sweeping motions across multiple foes at once. Her special ability causes the toad to sing part of a song; should she finish all four parts of the song, she will call down poison rain that deals heavy damage over an extremely wide area. She is also immune to poison and can cross it without taking damage.

As part of Demon Masquerade when equipping Ribbit Libido-BZ55, Bayonetta transforms into an amphibian-like hybrid, where her combo finishers are area-of-effect abilities that relate to sound waves and singing. The special Masquerade Rage attack calls forth a miniature concert, where enemies with the of the spotlights swirling around Bayonetta receive damage over time from pyrotechnic bursts.



  • Song of Baal (R x4)
    • Ribbit Libido-BZ55 sings a four-part song that creates toxic clouds, calling down poison rain on the entire area. Enemies hit by the rain gradually weaken and lose vitality.
  • Toxicity
    • Increases damage dealt by poison rain.
  • Toxicity II
    • Further increases damage dealt by poison rain.


  • Chassé (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Charges ahead by swimming the breaststroke in midair at high speed.
  • Coloratura (Rotate Left Stick+Punch)
    • Tongue lashes repeatedly, ending with a heavy slam that knocks enemies off balance.


  • Brisé Volé (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Does a flip and kicks up and down while spraying poison. Tap Kick repeatedly for additional hits.
  • Pirouette (Rotate Left Stick+Kick)
    • Dances while spinning on one leg, attacking all nearby enemies. Move with Left Stick.


  • Voce Velenosa (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Shoot)
    • Spits a large, bouncing bubble of poison that bursts on contact with enemies, knocking them off balance. Hold Shoot to spit a larger bubble with more power and a larger area of effect.
  • Pas De Trois (Rotate Left Stick+Shoot)
    • Summons three tadpoles that circle around Ribbit Libido-BZ55, and explode on contact with enemies. The tadpoles also home in on enemies that come into their view and explode.


Bayonetta 2[]

Bayonetta 3[]


  • Baal is named after one of the 72 demons of the Goetia, and the first listed among them. This demon was said to appear in the forms of a man, a cat, a toad, or a fusion of these creatures, tying with Baal's appearance as a toad in Bayonetta 2.
    • The name Baal means "lord" in ancient Hebrew, and is said to be the inspiration behind the names of many demons.
  • Baal may also be a reference to Bael from Devil May Cry 4. Both share many similarities, the most notable being they are large toad demons.
  • Baal is likely based on and/or a visual pun on the Beelzebufo. A large prehistoric amphibian whose name quite literally means devil toad.
    • Her true form's name, Baal Zebul further supports this as not only does it sound like the name of the aforementioned amphibian, but it also sounds very similar to the name of the demon the amphibian was named after: Beelzebub.
  • The tadpoles Baal has on her back are a clear reference to the Surinam Toad, species in which the females carry the eggs and tadpoles in their backs.