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Avalon Forest, also known as the faerie kingdom, is the primary setting of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. A realm of nature and ever shifting biology, Avalon is primarily inhabited by the faeries and is home to an intense magical energy that continuously changes the forest like the labyrinth.

Cereza, beckoned by a dream of Prince Lukaon, enters the forest alongside Cheshire to hopefully find a mysterious power that would allow her to save her mother.


Avalon Forest consists of eighteen different areas. While most you encounter as part of the story there are a few secrets off the beaten path that you might completely miss.

Whispering Path[]

The first area you'll encounter in Avalon forest. It's a long road that connects to the outside of avalon forest. After you leave this area you will not be able to visit it until the end of the game. It's connected to Jade Hill.

Jade Hill[]

A nice calm area that you'll pass throuh regularly throughout your adventure. It's connected to Whispering Path, Leafy Nook, Forgotten Knoll, Púca's Fortress and Forbidden Grounds.

Leafy Nook[]

A small area that you will also pass through often as this area is connected to Jade Hill, Lake Nimueh, and Windy Knot. From here it's also possible to look at the blockade of the Elemental Cores.

Lake Nimueh[]

Unlike the name suggests, Lake Nimueh is home to several small lakes and even a waterfall. This area is also where the second Faerie King, Arthur, is said to have grown up along the shores. This area is connected to quite a number of areas, namely Leafy Nook and Sunspeckled Grove, but also is the only entrypoint for Ashenbark Woods and Sunkissed Shore.

Sunspeckled Grove[]

Arguably the biggest area in all of Avalon Forest. It consist of many layers and many places of this area are only accessible through other areas. It's also where the first Elemental Core is located; the Wood Core at the Wood Shrine. This area is connected to Lake Nimueh, Chalkroot Hollow, Faerieland Tower, Windy Knot, Giant's Basin, Wyvern Falls, and Forbidden Grounds.

Chalkroot Hollow[]

At first this may seem like a very small area, with only a abonded playground and a sanctuary. Once you destroyed the third Elemental Core you will discover that the area is filled with giant hollow tree trunks and massive lily pads. While not confirmed, Chesire suggest that the size of these lily pads is thanks to all the magic in Avalon Forest.

Faerieland Tower[]

A tower where Wisps are tortured for their energy until they no longer exist. Once the faerie Amádán Dubh was the overseer, but after he lost his mind this task fell on his apprentince Amadán. Like all faerie constructions it's made from a red alloy and has train tracks all around the tower. There are also slides here, but according to A Faerie's Research Log 7 those were used to dispose of 'garbage' that was not fit for the kingdom.

The Watchtower[]

The top part of Faerieland Tower that is also made from the same red alloy, has train tracks and also a few slides.

Forgotten Knoll[]

This area can be seperated into two sections; the first section is the wisp hideout. Here all wisp you rescue can be found again, playing, singing etc. Colm is also here, giving you rewards everytime you rescue a certain amount of wisps. This section wil gradually expand as you rescue more and more wisps. This section can be reached by a slide from Faerieland Tower or the Forbidden Grounds. it's also connected to Windy Knot.

The second section is the cricus tent of the faerie boss Amádán Dubh. The room behind the boss fight is the Stone Shrine where the second Elemental Core is located; the Stone Core. This section is connected to Jade Hill.

Windy Knot[]

A relatively small area are that is located in the highest tree tops of Avalon forest. The hunting grounds of the Fearsome Jabberwock and is connected to Leafy Nook, Sunspeckled Grove, and Forgotten Knoll.

Giant's Basin[]

A very small area when first passing through, namely a cavern filled with the occasional crystals. However, after you destroyed the third Elemental Core you should came back and you can reach Stillwater Manor, the palace of the former faerie queen.

Wyvern Falls[]

An area filled with waterfalls and littered with cages. A giant cage in the back of the are which is the home of the fearsome Jabberwock. Located just behind that cage is the Water Shrine which holds the third Elemental Core: the Water Core. It's connected to the Giant's Basin, Sunspeckled Grove and Chalkroot Hollow.

Ashenbark Woods[]

Unlike the rest of Avalon Forest, this area is barren and almost lifeless. There is no greenery, just plants so dry you can break them just by touching them. Only a few red structures who are very dangerous as flames shoot from them, incinereting anyone who passes by.

Púca's Fortress[]

Consists of two sections. The first a mechnical castle that's home to the self proclaimed fairie king Púca. Made from a red alloy that according to Púca himself is ompregnable. At the top of the castle is where the final Elemental Core is located; the Fire Core. Which is also used as a power source to keep the castle going. This section is connected to Ashenbark Woods.

The section is beneath the castle: a frozen cavern filled with ice trees. According to Ignis' Journal 5 this is the result of Púca reckless use of the Elemenatal Core. This section is also home to the Tír na nÓg wich houses the mini-boss Murúch. This section is also connected to Jade Hill.

Sunkissed Shore[]

A area that's only accessible through Lake Nimueh once you destroyed the Water Elemental Core and Cereza has learnt restoration magic. It has a massive lake with water flowing in all directions. There are a few small islands, on one of them is a Tír na nÓg, but on the other side of the lake is a secluded beach. A nice small getaway with lots of collectibles and even a coral tree with a slide. According to A Fearie's Research Log 1, the shore of this sea is actually an illusion. It's tradition of faeries from ancient times used as a source of recovering.

Forbidden Grounds[]

A part of this area is blocked by the power of the four Elemental Cores. Aside being the entrance to the Overgrown Shrine, it's also connected to Jade Hill and Forgotten Knoll.

Overgrown Shrine[]

Located right between the Forbidden Grounds and Altar of the Faerie King, it's a bit of a mystical area filled with trees and small islands floating in the air alongside light particules.

Altar of the Faerie King[]

A small rest area before the boss battle.


Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon[]

Avalon Forest was previously ruled by the Faerie King Moltred in feudal times, until he was defeated and overthrown by Faerie King Arthur in a bitter conflict. Arthur would come to try and bridge the gap between faerie and humankind, eventually conceiving a child with his human lover. However, a group of insurgent faeries who wished to return to the old ways led by Púca led a violent siege against the royal family. In the ensuing battle, Arthur was killed, his wife was expelled from the forest, and his son's body was placed into a cursed stasis despite his mother's magic managing to save his soul.

In the years that followed, Púca established himself as the new king of Avalon, deconstructing and reorganising the hierachy of the faeries and utilising the power of the Elemental Cores in order to contain Lukaon's body in its prison. During this time, the faeries began to hunt and torture the wisps that remained in the forest, using them as a source of energy to power their many machines and the creation of the Tír na nÓg.

Many young apprentices of the Umbra Witch clan wandered into the forest over the ensuing ages, seeking out the mysteries of Avalon for their own purposes at the insistence of their teacher, who would lure them inside in an ambitious plan to free her son from the curse. Almost all of them succumbed to the dangers of the forest or the faeries until one such witch, Cereza, entered Avalon guided by a message from Lukaon in her dreams.


  • Avalon Forest, and by extension the names of many beings connected to it, is named after the legends of King Arthur and other stories created as part of the Matter of Britain, a body of medieval English literature. One of the location in Avalon Forest is name Lake Nimueh is named after the lady of the lake which one of her names is Nimueh. In the Faerie Kingdom History Journals Lake Nimueh is the place where Faerie King Arthur was born from, and also got his legendary sword from a goddess.