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The Mega Aerial Fortress "Aureole" is a vehicle-type Homunculus that appears in Bayonetta 3. Serving as mobile operation centers in the Homunculi fleet, Aureole appear frequently across the Multiverse transporting smaller units for Singularity, with one serving as a boss Bayonetta battles in the Alphaverse.

Anatomia Complex[]

A giant, living warship Homunculus type composed of countless Stratus type Homunculi fused together.

Its durability is unparalleled, with most attacks having no effect.

In addition to attacking with laser fire as it flies, it can also deploy a wide variety of Homunculi for ground assault.

Aside from its role as an attack vessel, it also serves as a telepathic relay, and the bundles of neural fibers that extend from its hull send and receive orders, making it possible for Singularity to extend his control over numerous Homunculi within a wide range.


Aureole is a flying fortress larger than even the Resplendence, with three "arms" extending from its center, able to deploy other Homunculi as needed. A mass of neural fibers extends from its underside.


Aureole possesses a varied selection of moves, the first of which is being able to fire a blue multi-energy lasers in either a swirling-like formation or a single shot, or use its whole mass to preform other attacks. Aureole can also rain down green energy lasers or use one of its six tentacles to impale Madama Butterfly. When needed, Aureole can summon Cumulonimbus units to aid it.

Recommended Weapons[]

Not applicable; Aureole is fought solely with Madama Butterfly.


  • "Aureole" comes from "aureola", meaning "golden", and is a synonym for "halo". It's a name for the luminous area surrounding the sun or other bright light when seen through thin cloud or mist, also known as a "corona", "crown".
  • The battle against Aureole is very reminiscent to Insidious from Bayonetta 2, from the massive eye weak point to the similar ranged attacks.