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The Heavy Bestial Decisive Unit "Asperatus" is a type of Homunculus faced in Bayonetta 3. They are massive in size, and their bodies resemble giant boars.

Anatomia Complex[]

A giant, quadrupedal beast-like Homunculus type.

Its main weapon is its head, covered in thick armor and sporting sharp horns, which it levels at enemies while charging at them ferociously. The power behind that charge is astounding, capable of toppling and trampling even the largest Infernal Demons, and facing it head on is not an advisable strategy.

That same power gives it an agility that would seem impossible for its size, and it is capable of not only jumping much higher than its own height, but also of running along walls, making it a vertical terror as well.

The key to stopping this beast lies in robbing it of its speed.


Asperatus resembles a massive boar, with prominent tusks and a horn on its forehead.


Asperatus's primary attack is a basic charge, trying to crush Bayonetta with its weight or gore her with its tusks. It is very fast and can run up walls to surprise her.

Recommended Weapons[]

Phantasmaraneae's webbing can halt an Asperatus charge in its tracks, making it vulnerable to follow-up strikes from it or other Infernal Demons.


  • "Asperatus" (plural "asperati"), nowadays known as asperitas, are unique dark cloud formations. The name roughly translates to "roughness".

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