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The Mega Humanoid Aerial Decisive Unit "Arch-Pyrocumulus" is the evolved Pyrocumulus homunculus, achieved shortly after absorbing Bayonetta β2 and appears as a boss in Bayonetta 3.

Anatomia Complex[]

An evolved form of Pyrocumulus that has absorbed an Arch-Eve's magic power and gained new abilities.

It can use a portion of its body to create a flight platform that gives it aerial mobility, as well as an enhanced ability to produce Stratus-type Homunculi within its own body, which it uses to create clones of itself.

By creating a group of multiple clones at once, it then confuses enemies and becomes an even greater threat.


Arch-Pyrocumulus is mostly similar to its base form, but has a darker color palette and four additional "eyes"; the flames that surrounded its arms are no longer present. It now carries a staff as a weapon, and can fly through the air using a cloud-shaped device.


Recommended Weapons[]

Not applicable; Arch-Pyrocumulus is fought solely with Queen Butterfly.


  • "Pyrocumulus" has roots in both Latin and Greek; "cumulus", Latin for "heap, pile", and "pyros", ancient Greek for "fire". It's the name of a cloud associated with fire or volcanic eruptions. The "arch" in its name means "primary" or "highest", while also referencing its fusion with an Arch-Eve.
  • Fitting with the culture of the Universe it's faced in, Pyrocumulus is inspired by the Chinese myth of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. In its base form, Pyrocumulus acts not unlike a gorilla. The reference to the Monkey King is made even more obvious when it becomes Arch-Pyrocumulus, gaining a cloud-shaped flying vessel and an ever-extending staff, a direct reference to Sun Wukong's staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang.
    • Its evolution may be a reference to Sun Wukong's imprisonement within a cauldron by Lao Tzu to be distilled into an elixir by severe, enchanted fires for 49 days straight. When Lao Tzu opened the lid, the Monkey King emerged stronger than ever, and gained a new ability Jīnjīng Huǒyǎn (金睛火眼, lit. Gold Pupil Fire Eyes) that allowed him to see evil (but also causes smoke to sting his eyes).
    • Like Sun Wukong, Arch-Pyrocumulus can use its "hair" to create copies of itself.
    • Bayonetta's Climax against Pyrocumulus is a reference to both the golden headband used by Tang Sanzang to control Sun Wukong and his imprisonment under a mountain for five hundred years by the Buddha.

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