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The Giga Behemoth Decisive Unit "Arch-Iridescent" is the evolved version of Iridescent after absorbing the power of an Arch-Eve.

Anatomia Complex[]

A giant, misshapen version of Iridescent, created after it took heavy damage and reconstructed itself using the magic power gained from the Arch-Eve it absorbed.

In addition to the incalculable destructive power it gained by growing arms and legs, it has also gained the ability to split its tail in two and use it like a railgun to fire massive projectiles of unimaginable destructive power.



Arch-Iridescent is the first Kaiju-type battle in Bayonetta 3. Its gameplay consists of a rock-paper-scissors type of game.

Recommended Weapons[]

Not applicable; Arch-Iridescent is fought solely with Sin Gomorrah.


  • The name Iridescent refers to cloud iridescence, an optical phenomenon giving clouds in general proximity to the Sun vivid colors.
  • Like other Arch-type Homunculi, the Arch-Iridescent is inspired by the culture or pop culture surrounding the location in the Universe it's in, in this case being Japanese Kaiju films. Arch-Iridescent takes inspiration from Godzilla, known as one of the first Kaiju beasts in pop culture.

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