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Aos Sí, Denizen of the Wood, is the name of a Faery type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. They are the fodder enemies of the entry, wielding large blades in combat to damage Cereza and Cheshire.


The most commonly seen quadruped faerie of Avalon. They are known to be slightly moody, but universally love to play tricks. Souls are their main source of sustenance, and they usually live off the negative vibes acquired from tormenting humans and wisps. They also vary in size; Aos Sí who have lived for longer periods tend to be larger and significantly more dangerous.

Among faeries, they are an inferior breed with no special abilities to speak of, but their basic physical strength still averages with that of an adult human. As they can use both weapons and magic, they can pose a significant threat in their own right. That being said, most have a poor sense of sight, hearing, and smell, and can thus usually be avoided by simply hiding.

They are usually tasked with minor guard duty, instructed to report anything suspicious to their commanding faerie officers. Being discovered by one could quickly result in a whole faerie army coming to their aid, so it is usually best to avoid confrontation when unnecessary.


  • Aos Sí, or aes sídhe in old Irish, is the name of an occult race in Celtic mythology that are depicted as fairies or elves, and are derived from the Tuatha De Dannan.