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Antonio's Notebook is a complete set of documents found in bits and pieces throughout the first game and provides background information on various elements of the game's story and life in Vigrid. The author of the notebook is Antonio Redgrave, Luka's father. He wrote it about 20 years ago, during his investigation of Vigrid and the Ithavoll Group, documenting all of his observations, mostly the Umbra Witches, until his discovery of the sealed Bayonetta and his subsequent untimely death.

Chapter I[]

A Voyage Towards The Truth[]

A Voyage Towards Truth
I've been a journalist now for over twenty years, always aiming for the guiding light of truth, always pushing forward. I've believed that communicating the truth is the core tenet of all journalism, chasing it until my legs turn to rubber and the truth is burned into my retinas.

But my journalistic career has hit an incredible wall, and I must confess that I've been crushed under the weight of the path I have traveled. It all began upon seeing beyond the stone-chiseled history of the old European city of Vigrid, and past the deep scars time had left behind. The passing of history has always been overseen by a select few, and they have left memories of a time stained with blood.

This fact is integral in understanding the big picture but it also causes one to hesitate before becoming involved in such a dark history. Treading down this path I believe so firmly in means I cannot afford to lose faith in my convictions. It may also mean that my life is put into jeopardy; however, I hold deep within my heart the hope that even after my soul has left this body, as long as these notes, my proof of being, are passed to the right man, future ages will also come to know the truth.

They say that some things come at "the cost of your life," but to me, truth IS my life. In this age filled with lies and deception, I forever pray that truth will shine its light on the path of righteousness.

- Antonio Redgrave

The Crystal Witch & Sage[]

The Crystal Witch and Sage

"Within Vigrid City, there are a great many structures built long ago by two clans, the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages. Amongst them, all have a sun and moon duality, evidence of a peculiar outlook towards the universe; the witches representing the moon, and the sages representing the sun, burned into the fabric of the city in various ways.

One of these structures, a pair of statues crafted from a high quality crystal known as Belteston Crystalos, featured both a witch and a sage. The statues appeared to hold some sort of special significance. According to ancient records, they were created to aid in the training of the "Art of Overseeing Time," a skill only the two clans were capable of practicing, that also served as the key to locking something away from public view should the clans feel the need for secrecy. However, the exact details of this art are unknown.

Now the city, scarred by the tragic witch hunts of the past, has seen many of the statues depicting witches destroyed or heavily defaced. Even these beautiful crystal statues were unable to escape the calamitous fighting."

A Witch's Brew[]

A Witch's Brew

"I've discovered the existence of something called alchemy. It is the deconstruction, combination and reconstruction of everything – metal, flesh, even spirit. If one understands the logic of the age, alchemy is a prime example of the era in which it was developed; although lesser known is the fact that alchemy is an off-shoot of the witches' secret art of Concoction. Concoction was only practiced by the Umbra Witch clan, and the materials, amounts and methods used were never shared outside of the clan's inner circle.

However, in the chaos of the witch hunts, some details were said to have slipped out, including knowledge of the primary mixing compounds: Baked Gecko, Unicorn Horn and Mandragora Root. Also hidden was their role in controlling defense, offense, and vitality.

It has been discovered that correctly combining these items may result in the creation of various useful compounds.

These materials are, obviously, no longer in existence, and even if they still existed, outside of being a member of the witch clan, one would have to take out a contract with a dweller of the netherworld to obtain these rare items.

In case of emergency, the witches placed these materials within Purgatorio, a realm caught in-between the Trinity of Realities, in which the items are said to still remain. When creating a Concoction, the correct procedures, amounts, and combinations are absolutely essential, and the art is not for the inexperienced."

Chapter II[]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic - I[]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic I

"The word witch usually conjures up images in our head of an old woman using strange magic, but peruse the history of Vigrid and you find a vastly different picture of the incredibly brave women who once inhabited the area.

They were known as the Umbra Witches. While these witches are said to have manipulated magic, there remains very little recorded history to back these claims. Yet, they shared many powers with their opposing counterparts the Lumen Sages, and from their records, we can gather a better view of what magic entailed.

As "Overseers of History," they possessed the ability to literally see everything in an instant, also known as Temporal Control. This technique sharpened all of the five senses, and pushed one's emotional energy to its very limits. It is a world where a falling drop of water can become a crown, and a humming-bird slowly and elegantly flaps its wings. Temporal Control is not just simply being able to recognize this world, it also enables one to boost their physical abilities and move freely within that single moment.

Temporal Control requires a sound body and mind, and complete grasp of Spirit Energy. While quite similar, the witches and sages each practiced this art differently, leading to different names for their respective techniques, Witch Time and Light Speed.

Witch Time... It seems that the witches on this earth fell victim to our world's passage of time and vanished into the abyss of eternity."

Notes On The Topic Of Magic - II[]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic II

"In the rigorous pursuit that are the magical arts, one method is said to have caused countless deaths during training – Witch Walk.

The Umbra Witches it seems Witch Walk was truly indispensable. Taking their power from the Moon, this band of witches were able to draw on the power-enriching qualities of moonlight to execute high-level techniques. However, records state that Witch Walk was powered by a pact with a particularly powerful demon who would grant the power to break gravity's bonds, and not by the more common moonlit source.

As no further records remain as to the nature of the technique, any more hard facts remain unknown; however, by looking at the traces left on the buildings around Vigrid, one can make some further assumptions. The traces are, in fact, footprints left on the surfaces of the wall. They blend into the city so well that you almost never catch a glimpse of them at first glance. In fact, those without knowledge of Witch Walk would probably never notice the footprints' presence. Amongst the dirt and scars on the surface, there are many buildings in Vigrid where footprints sporadically continue along their sides. This must be none other than proof that these magic practitioners were able to literally walk on walls.

Many of these buildings where the witches have left their mark are truly strange. There are doors in unbelievably high locations, or the building may lack a path to its entrance entirely. Rejecting all intruders and living a life of solitude... Witch Walk was not just a training technique for the Umbra Witches, it was a shield that protected their way of life."

An Unknown Metal Wall[]

An Unknown Metal Wall

"Within old Vigrid, many ancient stone structures have been preserved, being developed further as they are repaired, lending the town a peculiar sense of the historic. Modern architecture has also taken hold in Vigrid, starting with the Central Station; however, it is all to give form to the sacred institutions of the ancient sages.

The architecture gives us a glimpse into the people's deep sense of respect for their past. This town of old and new still keeps within its bounds several strange things that the modern man struggles to make heads or tails of.

For instance, dark green barriers made of an as-yet-unknown metal seem to block certain alleyways. Their shape, comprised of many complex bricks, impedes one from proceeding down the ancient paths of the city as though they were a rejected visitor, even though it seems these paths saw everyday use in their distant past.

I may claim this material is "as-yet-unknown," but in reality, I haven't a clue regarding its composition. It is harder and heavier than anything a human being is capable of moving... Or so I have surmised from examining its chilly surface.

Pushing one's ear against the wall, the sounds of the other side reverberate and echo within, resounding throughout the inner workings of the wall, as if a glockenspiel was playing scales. I've never seen a metal like this, but many of the walls within the city are made from this material, and from the cliffs, one can see an enormous monument constructed from the same mysterious matter.

I wonder why these lost witches and sages scattered these walls around their city...?"

About The Umbra Witches - I[]

About The Umbra Witches I

"Witches were ones of talent. That is my impression after years of exhaustive research into the Umbra. The word "witches" triggers within us all prejudices towards the paranormal or the supernatural; however, in this ancient city of Vigrid, the magical arts were a systematic form of scholarship. Of course, what I have learned about witches will be labelled as "fraud" by the world at large, or undoubtedly dismissed as nonsense.

I will begin these notes with items I have confirmed to be absolute facts in regards to witches. Due to their lack of contact with the outside world, we often feel that witches were a strictly hereditary order; however, this was not always the case. For one to become a witch, one must first and foremost possess incredible "Spirit Energy."

Those with the power could become witches despite being of low birth, and those without power would be forced into secular life, regardless of any blood ties to a witch clan. Naturally, children born within a clan were often quick to grasp the concept of magic due to the environment around them, allowing their innate abilities to bloom at a much earlier age.

Coming to grips with this concept must have inspired one to further hone their Spirit Energy. These children were also able to participate in extensive drills with other witches, and only those who had shown great promise and achievement were able to take their "Witchly Vows" prior to passage into womanhood.

The exact nature of Spirit Energy remains unclear, although recognizing its existence within oneself and refining this "talent" further was the one true path to produce a witch of great ability."

Chapter III[]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic - III[]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic III

"The magical arts of the Umbra. Their true significance is best understood in the context of how the Umbra were able to use this magic: via direct contact with demons in Inferno. It is thought that these witches underwent strict training in order to master the various techniques; however, the truth is colored by the fact that the witches left people awe-struck, and were greatly revered.

The true root of their power was none other than their ability to take unbelievably strong demon energy and bend it to their will, using it freely. The witches' direct contact saw them reaching into the heart of Inferno's darkness and summoning the beasts that dwell there, drawing out their incredible magic and destructive powers. The witches under contract with these demons were able to exercise powers far beyond any that could be obtained by mere mortals, to the extent that some may even term these powers as aggressive, or brutal.

It was thanks to these powers that the witches boasted such awesome force in battle. From the Vigridian religious perspective, those living in the human world find interaction with other realms to be incredibly difficult. Residents of Inferno also find it impossible to manifest themselves in the human world. This is why witches require some sort of catalyst to summon demons into the human world, channeling the spirit via this medium. The catalyst most often used by witches was their hair. It is well accepted that hair had many uses in the magical arts, and the witches called this use of their own hair the Wicked Weave.

It was said to have been used not just to summon demons, but also to summon magical items, as well as forming the witches' uniforms. I would also like to touch briefly on the despair these women must have felt. To gain the incredible power afforded to them, they were forced to trade their souls to the demons of Inferno. Within the Trinity of Realities, it is believed that the deceased find their souls sent to heaven in an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

However, witches were met with only a single possible fate – death – followed by endless torment in Inferno. Once one had set foot upon the path of the magical arts, there lay nothing but the harsh reality that there is no turning back. Despite this fact, it was a path desired by a never-ending stream of believers. How these women captured so many hearts, minds, and imaginations remains unknown."

About The Umbra Witches - II[]

About The Umbra Witches II

"Umbra Witches – controllers of the dark power. The ways of their discipline were actually quite varied – breathing, movement, medicine, and tactics were joined in the Middle Ages by training in the operation of heavy weapons, culminating in a curriculum whose total breadth and intensity are hard to ascertain. This training forged both the body and the soul, honing each witch into a vessel capable of withstanding the rigors of the magical arts, and allowing one to begin to interact with other dwellers of the magical realm. This interaction within the world of spirits lies at the very core of magic.

To put these "dwellers of the magical realm" into layman's terms, they most closely fit the common conception of demons. Developing demon-like powers... It seems this was one of the reasons these women were burdened with a sad fate, always living in history's shadows.

I have been able to gain no further solid information regarding the magical arts. As the witch clan has long since been annihilated, and their memory forgotten, the residents of this town detest them with all their hearts... To allude to their existence is quite the taboo. Yet, the key to unlocking the witch's mysteries still remain.

In Vigrid, the man held up by many to be a paragon of the faith continues to seek out any remaining witches. Are the witches, once thought to be wiped from the earth, still among us? If they are, how have they survived this long? What do they now know? And where on Earth could they be hiding?

Finally, I have obtained scraps of a document that appears to lay out another elementary principle of the magical arts. I am unable to decipher the writing on the document, but it seems to describe a martial arts technique known as Dodge Offset.

I pray it will be of use to someone, so I have included it within these notes."

The Old Coliseum[]

The Old Coliseum

"In Vigrid's long, protracted history, there was once an enormous coliseum built facing the sea. It remains today, large intact. According to record, the coliseum was used not for martial contest or other games, but as an altar for the worship of one of the era's gods, a being known as Fortitudo.

Even today, as the urban functions of the city move to Isla del Sol, the coliseum holds a special place in the religious beliefs of those who worship the Laguna. Even though the winds of time have long since destroyed the road leading to the structure, forcing a treacherous passage through the cliffs, the stream of those making a pilgrimage to the coliseum is endless."

Chapter V[]

Crescent and Sunrise Valleys[]

Crescent and Sunrise Valleys

"As overseers of history, the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches were both incredibly powerful, each fearing each other and strictly prohibiting inter-relations as a way to maintain the balance of power. Upon the annual occasion of a total solar eclipse, only the selected elders of each clan were allowed to meet with the other group to conduct negotiations. I suppose that each clan, drawing their power from the sun and the moon respectively, must have held the eclipse as the most special of celestial phenomena.

The two clans, inexorably linked but opposed, like positive and negative, solidified this relationship in their inter-connected mountain hideaways, the witches sanctuary of Crescent Valley and the sage's sacred Sunrise Valley.

Located in an inaccessible and treacherous region, these areas were lined with countless rows of stone monuments dedicated to each clan's dead, and large statues depicting a witch and sage stood at the center of the shared area, demarcating the border between each clan's territory.

Each statue has its back turned to the other, and their visages, as though rejecting any human intrusion, stir intense feelings of discomfort within one's soul. Atop these statues, the clans met for their yearly consort, giving this place a mysterious, but interesting ambiance.

These valleys were not just filled with memorial tombs, they were also home to training facilities in the light and dark arts, held as sacred ground by both clans. Today, the statue of the Umbra Witch is a truly gruesome sight, as a giant spear has pierced the woman's chest. If it was shoved through the statue during the witch's age of persecution, it would have required unspeakable power from the Lumen Sage who carried out the act."

Heavenly Manipulators[]

Heavenly Manipulators

"The Umbra Witches' sacred Crescent Valley is said to contain enormous relics harkening back to the valley's place as a training ground in the witches' supernatural magic arts.

The long bridge that snakes between the cavernous ravines of the valley, stone circles hinting at celestial principles, training chambers where death was wagered in hopes of polishing one's skills in life... All of these are depicted in the tattered records I have obtained. I know not if they ever truly existed; however, the magnificent appearance of the witch statue in the distance seems to indicate that the legends passed down through history are, in fact, real. Amongst these numerous artifacts, the most mysterious are those known as "Heavenly Manipulators."

I have already described how the Umbra Witches drew their power from the darkness, and Lumen Sages from the light; however, I have not mentioned how these powers were at their greatest during full moon or at the peak of the sun's ascent. The two groups created the Heavenly Manipulators to affect the movement of the moon and the sun, and these devices played a role in the clans' most important of ceremonial rites. If stories are to be believed, the clans could affect even the ways of the cosmos at will.

The powers of the witch and sage were not common knowledge; although, as overseers of history, one could imagine that they must have had appropriately powerful abilities, making their ultimate destruction an even more ironic end."

The Witches' Tears Of Blood[]

The Witches' Tears of Blood

"Beginning in the 15th century, the whole of Europe has been swept by a madness; a tragic event unprecedented in the whole of human history – the witch hunts. As a result, the dark clan of Umbra Witches were wiped from the pages of history forever. Working at the behest of the powers that be, and making use of their ancient magical arts, the witches watched over the passage of time within the human world.

Or at least they did, until suddenly being swept up in waves of persecution, and finally crumbling away under the pressure of the people's harsh recriminations. The women's sorrowful blood-stained tears crystallized into bright red gemstones, and according to Vigridian legend, are said to be scattered everywhere. These stones, filled with their feelings of regret, are known as Umbran Tears of Blood.

To this day, the people of Vigrid believe that should one hundred of these stones be brought together as one, enormous calamity shall befall the land. Yet, no one has actually seen one of these gemstones, the ultimate of witchly souvenirs. They must be found for you by a crow, a beast whose heart lies in resonance with the departed witches. These crows act as the witches' loyal servants, protecting their tears from falling into human hands."

Witch Graves Within The City[]

Witch Graves Within The City

"Vigrid is littered with the legacies of an ancient age. Amongst these are the stone coffins used to bury departed witches. Along with their fellow overseers of history, the Lumen Sages, the Umbra Witches used their incredible power to repel any intrusion upon Vigrid.

Under these auspices, the witches abode by the terms of their netherwordly contracts, and upon parting with the physical world, the strongest of the witches were deified as guardians, and buried in stone coffins throughout the town. These stone coffins were sealed tight, and it was said that only those with the knowledge of a witches' magic could open them. Even during the witch hunts, when the coffins were subjected to attempted demolition, not a single soul was able to peer into the contents within.

According to one theory, the contract with their demon master stipulates that upon leaving this earth, a witch's soul nor body can remain. Umbran burial customs were developed for that very reason. The women would bury their loved ones in treasured stone coffins to lessen the pain of those destined for Inferno, even if the effect was slight.

Today, unable to break the magic seal upon the coffins, the Lumen Sage Seal of the Sun has been placed upon the sarcophagi as a counter-weight. If by chance the power of witches were to return to this world, they would be prevented from opening their coffins due to the seal. This is a clear indicator of the sort of persecution these women were subjected to during the witch hunts.

While the whereabouts of the witch's tombs is outlined above, the location of the tombs for the Lumen Sages remains unknown. According to remaining records, they had taken up final resting places with the Umbra in the secluded region known as the Crescent and Sunrise Valleys. It is said the Lumen Sages, who conducted their duties not in the darkness but the light, rest peacefully in the valley after departing from this world.

Finally, there are rumors that somewhere in Vigrid, research is underway to extract the Spirit Energy from departed witches. It seems that the fate of the Umbra Witch and Lumen Sage has yet to be truly decided."

Rodin & The Gates Of Hell[]

Rodin & The Gates of Hell

"There is a place beloved by wanted men and rogues, where money and power rule all. It is where I have established by office. Those who call this place by its given name are instantly identified as newcomers, as the tired hands of this rathole all call it by a single name only – The Dump.

Bloody battles and dirty disputes over money are an everyday occurrence here, and the concept of concern for one's fellow man was long since lost on The Dump's denizens. What the people here are after, what they love to see, is not of this world.

They thirst for the uproar only the occult can inspire. The appearance of a spectre, a man being devoured by a demon... these are the snacks they eat as they drink and cavort in The Dump's numerous watering holes. It is this place that I have come on my pilgrimage in search of a grasp on reality.

The Dump is a wretched hive for all sorts of scum and villainy; home to everyone from black market business men, to informants, and devil hunters in between. But amongst them all, one man is particularly strange. His name is Rodin, proprietor of "The Gates of Hell" bar. His front may be that of a bartender, but rumor has it he is actually an arms dealer. Of course, if a man such as myself were to visit his establishment, there is no way all of his secrets would be laid bare; however, I can tell just by the air around him that he is a dangerous man. Unlike the standard assortment of thugs in this place, his is a sort of danger on a truly different level. According to my colleagues, if one carries enough clout here, Rodin is known to provide a gun or blade should the fee prove satisfactory.

That is all I have been able to wring out of people here. There are also rumours that if you enter the bar from some sort of hidden entrance, he will provide you things money cannot buy... Or so sayeth the gossips in this occult obsessed town. They even go so far as to say these things are not made via normal means, but are weapons made from materials available only in Inferno.

In The Dump there are enough rumors to rot one's ears, and if I hadn't seen the fresco of the Trinity of Realities, a staple of the Vigridian religions, on Rodin's wall, I would have dismissed talk of him as nothing more than these tall tales. In any case, if I am to fully investigate this man's secrets, I will surely be able to obtain the truth I so desperately seek.

However, aimless sniffing around in this town is a great way to wind up dead. I'll have to be prudent and not leave things to chance."

Chapter VI[]

Entering Vigrid[]

Entering Vigrid

"The ancient city of Vigrid is largely inaccessible – surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. While at first glance this may seem incredibly inconvenient, it is said that Vigrid flourished primarily due to the presence of strong Spirit Energy within the land underfoot. The Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages, each with respective control over dark and light, must have needed a land replete with this Spirit Energy to enable them to oversee history.

The waves of time have modernized Vigrid, spurring rapid development; however, its residents still avoid outside contact, preferring to maintain their own culture and religious outlook. Their only link with the outside world is a single, long-distance rail line. Simply riding this train requires an application be submitted to Vigrid authorities, and a rigorous background check is required prior to the issuance of an entrance visa, which must be carried at all times.

Once disembarking from the train, there is a further police search, after which one is granted admission to the city. It seems that what allows Vigrid the ability to be so strict regarding immigration is the seemingly close link between the Vigridian authorities and the Ithavoll Group, a conglomerate based in Vigrid. Yet, proving this link will require further investigation."

Notes On The Topic Of Magic - IV[]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic IV

"Everyone carries within them a record of their evolution as a being, since time immemorial. It is this inner knowledge that the magical arts call upon when a practitioner uses the transformative technique known as the Beast Within.

While there is very little documentation regarding this technique, it is comparatively easy to guess at its workings. It is even easier when one considers how many works of art depicting this condition fill museums to this very day. These works capture the very moment when a witch transforms herself into an animal. Present day interpretations never seem to escape the realm of dismissing these works as an artist's daydreams; however, when viewed from a different perspective, they are an important reference point in researching the magical arts.

These pictures illustrate the unbelievable transformation of an Umbra Witch via the most special of means, seeing her take the form of various animals. The witches were able to freely use this technique, transforming into beasts for incredible speed, or birds to send themselves soaring into the sky."

The Faith of Laguna and Development of Vigrid[]

The Faith of Laguna And Development of Vigrid

"In recent days, Vigrid has seen the rise of the Ithavoll Group, a conglomerate whose rapid development has changed the face of the city. Their man-made island off the coast of Vigrid, Isla del Sol, is a clear example of their technological style.

It is a modern metropolis, home to many residents; however, their flight from the old city has led to the on-shore historical districts' rapid decline, a process that will likely end in the areas becoming ruins free of inhabitants. Those who live on Isla del Sol, and those who have remained in the old city, all worship the Laguna, gods who are the heart of the faith. In many ways like sun-worship, this faith has been at the people's core since ancient times, and forms the very heart of their cultural development.

It is said that the Ithavoll Group itself was developed in conjunction with the Laguna, and its CEO is held up as the paragon of Laguna worship, the living symbol of the people's faith. He is purported to be descended from the said-to-be-annihilated Lumen Sages, although I cannot confirm the veracity of this claim.

At any rate, the devotion which people hold towards the Ithavoll Group is without question. Vigrid's appearance is not the only part of the city to have changed completely. The ancient faith in the Laguna is now inexorably linked to the Ithavoll Group as it pushes forward its modernizations. Thus the city has lost its previous visage, to be replaced at alarming speed, and all with the apparent consent of the Laguna-worshiping Vigridians."

Purgatorio, Center Of The Trinity[]

Purgatorio, Center of the Trinity

"One of the unique aspects of the religion in this town is the people's belief that the world is actually made up of three unique realms layered on top of each other – Human World, Inferno, and Paradiso – the Trinity of Realities.

However, the wavelengths of the Spirit Energy in each of these realities is different, and inhabitants of each are unable to interfere with the other's affairs, despite the fact that the worlds are layered. It's said that Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches had the unique ability to pass into a realm known as Purgatorio, and travel amongst the Trinity. It is believed that the witches and sages each made contracts with the masters of the light and dark worlds, and can use special abilities granted to them by their masters.

Underlying all of this, though, is the presence of the Trinity of Realities. Even during the witch hunts, it seems those suspected of being witches were lured into Purgatorio, an act the people called being "spirited away," and their presence in the no-man's land was used as justification for further acts of persecution.

To further explain Purgatorio, one must understand that those within the realm are unable to see or touch those in the human world, nor are humans in their own world able to intervene in the affairs of Purgatorio.

Moreover, what we identify as material objects may have different appearances in the different realities. Yet, when these items are destroyed in one world, they will be destroyed in all worlds. This may explain why many place religious interpretations upon the phenomenon of unexplained destruction that occurs during their everyday lives."

The Angel's Banquet Hall - Alfheim[]

The Angel's Banquet Hall-Alfheim

"Vigrid has long held the notion that the world is comprised of a trinity of realities – Paradiso, Inferno, and the Human World. However, since the era of the witch hunts, where the Umbra Witches met total annihilation, Vigridians have held that Paradiso, the world of light, is the most perfect of these realms and have worshiped it as such.

Yet, as normal human beings are unable to experience this heaven, the Vigridian's feelings regarding Paradiso manifest themselves in various ways. Even the Porta del Paradiso ruins of which remain to this day, were born of this faith and placed around the city as an act of Paradiso worship

These structures, stone discs three meters in diameter, were said to represent portals into Paradiso itself. It was believed that when the gods extended the people a helping hand, they would do so via the portals, guiding them to Paradiso. Thus, the Porta were placed in spiritually powerful locations.

I have one more interesting aside. Within Paradiso, there are said to be secret rooms known as Alfheim, where angels gather and hold their banquets.

The Porta del Paradiso created by man are said to mimic the entrances to these Alfheim. Legend has it that if somewhere were to stumble across one of these portals while in Purgatorio, they may enter an Alfheim, upon which the angels would entertain the lost visitor and bless them justly."

Prominence Bridge[]

Prominence Bridge

"As part of the Ithavoll Group's plans for the further development of Vigrid, the man-made island if Isla del Sol, a new urban center, was constructed and outfitted with a new highway, stretching a total of 41.295km (26.218mi). As expected, travelling this highway, which links the major areas of Vigrid to the island, requires vigorous checks, and its usefulness is limited to Vigridian authorities, Ithavoll Group materials transports, and a select group of authorized personnel.

The bridge connecting the island to the mainland is an enormous oversea suspension bridge. The structures supporting the bridge's wires are shaped like the bright solar flares that shoot out from the sun's surface, giving the crossing its name, Prominence Bridge. It is truly a symbol of the modernity that has come to Vigrid."

Chapter XII[]

The Valkyrie Military Transport[]

The Valkyrie Military Transport

"Unfittingly for a city of its small size, Vigrid plays host to a large military air base. The roar of takeoff and landings that engulf the city are not that of passenger planes, but of incredibly large military transport jets known as Valkyries.

I have been aboard American military transports many times in an official capacity, and have seen many of the finest jets up close; however, none compares to even a distant view of a Valkyrie. The size difference is clearly evident, like the difference in size between a crow and an eagle. To think that something that large could fly in the sky is something that I still cannot believe, despite having seen it with my own eyes.

Of course, there is no doubt that the cargo it carries is quite dangerous, so seeing the plane's huge mass literally drop onto the runway during landings causes me to feel a deep anxiety, as if the weight of the plane were literally landing on my shoulders.

It leads one to wonder what the authorities are bringing into this little principality, with all the extreme security they have in place. Vigrid has since cut most ties with the outside world, and has reared itself within its own unique culture.

Perhaps it is this influence that led to the Valkyrie's equally unique design. At a glance, one can see the deep religious influence in its design, or perhaps that view is simply our deference to a plane born of technology so different from our own that we simply nod our heads in astonishment at the miracle of flight..."

The Gjallarhorn Defense Initiative[]

The Gjallarhorn Strategic Defense Initiative

"At the center of the man-made island of Isla del Sol, there is a display of sheer military force unimaginable for the likes of Vigrid. A display whose menacing power even I cannot shake. While there is very little public face to these efforts, if my information is correct, the military spending here rivals that of even the great powers of the world.

Moreover, amongst the towers of enterprise and government, other buildings stand as anti-aircraft counter-measures. These buildings, a strategic defense initiative known as the Gjallarhorns, are equipped with a battery of anti-aircraft SAM missiles and have been placed in four corners of the island.

What in the world would cause a small place like this to install such dramatic defenses? There is also word that the Americans are involved in the armament and expansion of the military complex here. It is said that the Ithavoll Group is undertaking some sort of next-generation energy research, and thus has traded rights to this technology for added force of arms. It is not a wholly unbelievable story.

Seeing all of the military takeoffs and landings here in Vigrid, I don't want to think their destination is actually the place I call home."

Treasure of the Clans: The Eyes of the World[]

Treasure of the Clans-The Eyes of the World

"Several hundred years ago, the now vanished clans of the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages stood as overseers of time immemorial, thriving from their remote European base known as Vigrid.

However, their reign quickly came to a close via a violent war that ended in their mutual destruction.. Their war, lasting for 100 years, saw the Witches and their campaign of assassination push them to the brink of victory; yet, the people's fear of these powerful women spawned the witch hunts, and eventually both clans vanished into the ether. Long serving the powers that be, it is said the clans did not use their power to interfere with history, but rather to protect its passage. We are told that they carried out these duties via use of their treasured "Eyes of the World."

Yet, what this statement means is anyone's guess. What is clear is that the clans' very existence was closely linked to historical change, so much so that even kings and emperors feared the clans' power. There were two ‘Eyes of the World,' one each controlled by the witches and the sages, which when used together were able to carry out their stated task of overseeing. To prevent the power of these ‘Eyes' from being used for nefarious purposes, they were equally split, and the clans prohibited inter-relations in an effort to maintain the balance of power that existed between them.

The irony is that the grand war that led to the clans' destruction was sparked by these very treasures. After their downfall, the "Eyes of the World" suddenly disappeared. Information about them is extremely limited...

What sort of item were the eyes? What shape did they take? All this remains unknown. The black market recently saw a large gem stone come into the market bearing the name of the "Eyes of the World;" although, it may be a different item under the same name, or even a mafia scam meant to gauge market reaction.

There is no proof that the ancient treasure was actually a gem, but there is reliable, albeit troubling information regarding the treasure and the CEO of the Ithavoll Group. It is said that he is in search of some unknown item for his development project in next-generation energy, but whether it has any relation to this matter requires further research."

Chapter XV[]

Island In The Sun - Isla Del Sol[]

Island in the Sun-Isla del Sol

"The Ithavoll Group, once a medium-sized IT company, through acquisitions has broadened its business base and become one of the world's leading conglomerates. Their base of operations is on a man-made island off the coast of Vigrid known as Isla del Sol.

Isla del Sol was initially constructed to concentrate Vigrid's urban functions in one area and facilitate expansion; however, its true function is to funnel enormous power to the ruling authorities, creating an autonomous region under Ithavoll Group control in order to facilitate the creation of a theocracy.

The CEO of the Ithavoll Group, claiming to be a descendant of the Lumen, has used his economic and political strength, even exploiting the faith of the people, to bend Vigrid to his will. That is how he was able to influence the construction of the island, as well as the city's urban planning, to match his own religious views. Buildings are lined up as if they were an enormous spiral being drawn towards the center of the island, a symbol of the Trinity of Realities known as the Cosmos of Chaos.

Among these urban structures, there are SAM-equipped strategic defense sites known as Gjallarhorns, tall buildings creating a skyward barrier that is nearly impregnable. At the center of this curtain of defense lies the Ithavoll Building, the heart of the Ithavoll conglomerate. I've been able to obtain important information regarding the building itself.

While it may be the outward symbol of the city's wealth and pride, the inner sanctum of the building is home to advanced energy research that the Ithavoll CEO is secretly using as leverage that he hopes will allow him to remake the world according to his building.

It sounds absurd, but I've seen things on that island so strange that I believe it now with all my heart and soul."

Ithavoll CEO - I[]

Ithavoll CEO-I

"The Ithavoll Group holds complete control over Vigrid, planning the city and arming it to the teeth, all while using rhetorical flourishes to conceal the conglomerate's many dark facets. The company's vast political and economic power has created an island held as the symbol of modernity, Isla del Sol, and placed its headquarters at the symbol's very center.

At the conglomerate's top stands a man said to be a descendant of the long departed Lumen, a man who has earned the adoration of the people – Balder.

Balder is, as they say, a mystery wrapped in an enigma. If he is truly one of the descendants of the Lumen, that would mean that the blood in his veins has been pumping since their extermination some 500 years ago. However, even if you look back through decades of Vigrid's records, there is no knowledge of anyone with a Lumen lineage.

Furthermore, if you search for information on his hometown, schooling, work history, or family, you find that it has all been forged. There is no record of his life before Ithavoll, nor are there any stories of unimpeachable veracity. It seems like he has been hiding details of his life ever since his birth.

I have already chronicled the unprecedented military expansion and turbulent movements related to next-generation energy research taking place in Vigrid. However, a man who has for years, or even decades, hidden the facts of his life is now at the very pinnacle of power of a conglomerate with literally earth-shaking might.

The question begs to be asked – What is this man capable of?"

Ithavoll CEO - II[]

Ithavoll CEO-II

"There remains one thing that worries me about Balder. There are rumors that he has been partaking in the game of the Lumen Sage, in other words, feverishly hunting out any remaining Umbra Witches, in order to facilitate his next-generation energy research. It is hard to believe that a member of that clan, thought to have crumbled away 500 years ago, still remains unbeknownst to the world at large; however, when considering that they are purported to have wielded massive power as overseers of the world, the word that this self-styled sage Balder is actively seeking a witch forces one to have major qualms.

And of course, while the sound of research into "next-generation energy" is incredibly attractive, the marvelous ascent of Balder, as well as his start-up company, and his control of an arsenal of armament and fortifications, has all been conducted under a cover of total media control. Could one honestly say that all this secrecy would be needed for something that has peaceful uses?

Another troubling sign is the ease of which one can acquire information regarding the Ithavoll conglomerate as of late. It may just be my journalistic sense, but I feel there is a possibility that Balder is intentionally leaking information.

If we make that assumption, that leaves me with no way out. Ever since I began covering Vigrid's transformation and the dark shadow behind the Ithavoll Group, I have been on an inescapable crash course with the truth. Even if it was a trap, and I must overcome that trap to get to the truth, I am hell-bent on doing so."


To My Beloved Son[]

To My Beloved Son

"If you find this page undestroyed and in the hands of another, that means something has happened to me. I wrote these notes in case that very "if" should come to pass; however, it still makes me wonder how far I will have gotten on my journey. Maybe I've been able to grasp some sort of truth from the darkness of confusion; maybe I've been able to give my son the understanding of what it means to truly believe.

To the son I love more than anything in this world, if you are the one to read this, forgive me for throwing myself into work and thinking little of our family.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I am a foolish man, much too attached to my beliefs and entirely unable to change. I am sure this has caused you immeasurable trauma. Now you set off on your own journey down this long hard road we call life. However, as a father, I have nothing I can teach you and even less I can leave you.

Hopefully, you will remember the short time I spent with you as a token of my love. I pray that it will become for you a roadmap to a life of substance."