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Antonio Redgrave was a world-famous journalist and the father of Luka Redgrave. Obsessed with the legends surrounding the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages, he dedicated much of his time into researching Vigrid, their homeland, and the Ithavoll Group.[2]

In the first game, Antonio is the writer of the notebook fragments Bayonetta can collect throughout the game.


In Bayonetta, Antonio's real features are never seen, as he is only physically portrayed in his diving gear when attempting to recover Bayonetta's coffin from the bottom of a lake.

In the film Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, Antonio's appearance is of a middle-aged man with messy shoulder-length hair. He wears a brown hat and sports a jacket similar to Luka's, complete with black gloves. The jacket has a scrap of blue cloth tied around the left sleeve with a knot and he wears a beige shirt with a pair of dog tags around his neck on a chain. Antonio's appearance greatly compares to Luka's appearance in Bayonetta 2.


Antonio lived most of his life as a journalist of renown for over twenty years, earning a reputation of being dedicated to finding the truth no matter the extreme. However, he often threw himself so much into his work that it came at the expense of dedicating time to his family, something he would come to regret in his later years.

Before the events of Bayonetta, Antonio learned of Vigrid and its rich history surrounding the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages. He detailed his findings of the clans and their powers within his notebook, with his investigation eventually leading him to Balder and the Ithavoll Group, whose sudden rise to power within the town caught his attention.

During his research, Antonio discovered that the coffin Bayonetta was sealed inside was at the bottom of a lake and took Luka along with him on the trip to recover it. However, Balder sensed that Antonio's writings about both the Ithavoll Group and his past as a Lumen Sage had the potential to reveal the truth about his plans, and took steps to ensure they wouldn't be made public.

Upon discovering the coffin and waking Bayonetta from her slumber at the lake, Antonio was suddenly seized by an invisible force in the air and torn to pieces in front of Luka. The boy assumed that it was Bayonetta's powers that were responsible and spurred him into pursuing her to expose her actions to the world for Antonio's sake. It wouldn't be until twenty years later that Balder himself would explain that a flock of angels under his command was responsible for Antonio's death when attempting to kill Luka in the same way.



Bayonetta: Bloody Fate[]


  • In Devil May Cry, "Tony Redgrave" is an alias used by Dante in his early days of demon slaying. The name can also be seen on Dante's notorious handguns, Ebony and Ivory: "For Tony Redgrave. By .45 Art Warks". When asked about the connection, Hideki Kamiya postulated that Antonio Redgrave was a journalist that Dante respected, so he used it as his fake name during his days as a mercenary in Bobby's Cellar.[3]
  • Antonio is the narrator of the first game's Records of Time chapter, with his English voice being provided by Richard Epcar.[1]
    • Although Antonio is voiced by Patrick Seitz in the adaptation Bloody Fate, Epcar still voices the narrator in the anime's intro.
  • While Bayonetta claimed Antonio's occupation as a journalist, Bayonetta 3's development team instead claimed him as a treasure hunter.[4]