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Angelic Alphabet Chart

The concept art "Angelic Alphabet Chart" in Bayonetta.

The Angelic Alphabet is a font for the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals used throughout Bayonetta games for writing decorative text in contexts relating to Lumen Sages, Angels of Paradiso and in Vigrid. These letters also appear as decoration without forming anything meaningful on various places.

Notable Usages[]

Texts written in Angelic are mostly without punctuation and without the distinction between capital and small letters.

Text Usage
Heaven's radiance outshines all On various places throughout Bayonetta games, including Alfheim portals and the ring effect under dropped angel weapons
la porte des cievx On the base of the statues next to portals to Paradiso
The God revives me from among the dead. On the exterior of Balder's room
Here is where we become one. On rings around Balder's room


  • Names of actual train stations in Japan written in Romaji with Angelic are displayed on train info boards in Vigrid Station.