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Amádán Dubh, Lunatic Wisp-Juggler, is a type of Faerie that appears in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon as a boss enemy.


Ring leader of the Avalon circus "Amadán's Big Top".

A true master showman with impeccable talent to dazzle a crowd, Amadán Dubh was once well known across Avalon for his many daring circus acts centered around stage wisps (including the "Great Wisp Cannonball", where they packed 10 wisps into a circus cannon).

To Dubh, nothing is more satisfying than terrifying a poor wisp. He spends most of his days trying to devise his next devious wisp torment.

Some time ago, the circus boasted a decent troupe, and were without a doubt the most popular attraction in Avalon. Dubh was happy with his success and had personal hopes to make his circus bigger and better. But eventually he became so fixated on endlessly perfecting his shows of terror that he eventually lost sight of all else, and his sanity slipped away permanently. The door to his circus has since been closed, and he stays locked in all day doing shows for no one other than himself.

In the beginning, he was a faerie with a quite common, small stature who just happened to be the first in the forest to study circus performance when it came to Avalon. In his early studies, he focused on basic performance art, but gradually shifted to more wisp-based acts, which quickly became a huge sensation. This surge to fame resulted in mass wisp-suffering, creating an excess of negative vibes that he absorbed to become his wobbly clown-self now.

His intuitive skills for maximising the output of negative vibes through his circus wisp acts caught the attention of Púca, who praised his work and invited him to his elite council. This led to Dubh's time as the general overseer of Faerieland Tower, where he was further recognised by Púca for reforming his circus tent to double as a source of protection of the Stone Shrine. Records still exist from this era of Dubh requesting increased support and advertising of his circus in repayment for his good work.




  • Amádán Dubh, or the "Black Fool", is a trickster fairy found in Irish folklore. A maniacal jester that brought madness and chaos, the Amádán Dubh was found on hillside fairy mounds on midsummer nights playing his reed pipes. Those who gazed upon him would fall victim to the jester's magic, which could paralyze, cripple, or even kill them. This "fairy stroke" was used to diagnose people who expressed convulsive behavior in real life, as a sign that they were cursed by the jester.