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The Alphaverse, also known as Alternative Verse 40.71, 105.99 0.000, is the home reality of Singularity and the Homunculi.[1]


Little is known about the specifics of this reality's history, save for the fact that it possessed advanced technology capable of producing artificial organs and body parts. Through a freak accident, one of the bioplants that constructed these parts created an artificial human that gained self-awareness and christened itself Singularity. Rebelling against his creators, he created the Homunculi and eradicated all of humanity on his reality, including that universe's version of Bayonetta and Luka.[1]

List of native inhabitants[]


  • The numbers appearing on screen when entering the Alphaverse, 40.71, 105.99 0.000, are actually the real-life coordinates for the Indian Ocean.
    • This could serve as a small hint as to why the Homunculi have an Indian-inspired aesthetic.

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