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Alfheim are secret rooms in Paradiso in which are used by angels for gatherings and to hold banquets. They're accessed by special portals in spiritually heavy locations within Purgatorio. Humans lost in Purgatorio who happen to enter one of Alfheim's portals are said to be entertained and fed by angels.[1]

In the first game, Bayonetta, these rooms serve as hidden Verse challenges that are scattered throughout the game and offer special rewards for each completion. This concept is later replaced by the Muspelheim in the second game, Bayonetta 2.


The Angel's Banquet Hall - Alfheim

Vigrid has long held the notion that the world is comprised of a Trinity of RealitiesParadiso, Inferno, and the Human World. However, since the era of the Witch Hunts, where the Umbra Witches met total annihilation, Vigridians have held that Paradiso, the world of light, is the most perfect of these realms and have worshiped it as such. Yet, as normal human beings are unable to experience this heaven, the Vigridian’s feelings regarding Paradiso manifest themselves in various ways. Even the Porta del Paradiso ruins of which remain to this day, were born of this faith and placed around the city as an act of Paradiso worship. These structures, stone discs three meters in diameter, were said to represent portals into Paradiso itself. It was believed that when the gods extended the people a helping hand, they would do so via the portals, guiding them to Paradiso. Thus, the Porta were placed in spiritually powerful locations.

I have one more interesting aside. Within Paradiso, there are said to be secret rooms known as Alfheim, where angels gather and hold their banquets. The Porta del Paradiso created by man are said to mimic the entrances to these Alfheim. Legend has it that if someone were to stumble across one of these portals while in Purgatorio, they may enter an Alfheim, upon which the angels would entertain the lost visitor and bless them justly- Antonio Redgrave


In Bayonetta, each Alfheim presents a specific challenge that players must complete before a timer runs out. The challenges include such things as simply defeating all of the enemies in the time limit, completing a battle without the use of Witch Time, only being allowed to use a certain number of kicks and punches etc. Success will result in the reward of either a Broken Witch Heart or a Broken Moon Pearl. Although you can enter and complete an Alfheim as many times as you like, you can only get the reward of a Broken Witch Heart/Moon Pearl once; every other time you complete it, you will instead receive an Arcade Bullet.

Completing all of the Alfheim will unlock the Lost Chapter. There are 21 Alfheim locations in Bayonetta. Below you will find the locations through the Chapters as well as tips on completing the missions.

Chapter I[]

First Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 2: After crossing the water you will reach another magical door. Use your combos on it until the door "breaks" and reforms on the floor. When it does run back to the pit you had gotten the key from and jump down into the pit.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can only be defeated during Witch Time!"

As the goal is stated you can only damage angels in Witch Time. This means you must dodge their attacks to activate Witch Time. You are under a time limit of 2 minutes and 40 seconds. You will be facing 3 waves of Affinities and Applauds. If this is your first playthrough for the game then you may have a bit of trouble with just using Scarborough Fair.

If the angels are not attacking then you will need to use a Taunt. When you do this it should give you at least one enraged angel, when they attack just dodge to activate Witch Time. Save your Torture attacks for Applauds, as you fight focus on the Affinities first then move onto Applaud; by then you should be able to use a Torture. Do so. While doing a Torture Attack the damage will still count even if you aren't in Witch Time. Punish attacks do not follow the same principle therefore will do no damage out of Witch Time.

If this isn't your first playthrough you'll likely have a different kind of weapon and probably several techniques at your disposal. Any weapon, with the exception of Handguns, will make this level very easy. If you seek more of a challenge then wear Gaze of Despair.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Chapter II[]

Second Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 5: After you defeat the Enchants, follow the tracks back up the street from where the trolley came from. It will be at the very end of the street
  • Goal: "Defeat all of the angels before time expires using the limited number of punches and kicks allotted!"

You may need to skip this one if this is your first time through. The reason why is because you are allowed only 7 punches and 6 kicks under a time limit of 40 seconds. If you don't have any good weapons you may be trying this level many times over and only getting frustrated. It is possible to beat Beloved using Scarborough Fair but you will need the techniques After Burner Kick and Witch Twist (Witch Time will not be necessary).

Now if this isn't your first playthrough you will have a better chance. Recommended using Durga. In the 'A' slot equip them on your hands and in the 'B' slot equip them on your feet. Use Durga Fire for both. Or have Durga and Durga Alt.

The best method for taking down Beloved is to use Durga Fire on the hands than the feet. When Beloved attacks, dodge to activate Witch Time. Once active use your power attacks. Charge the weapons and fire. If possible then angle yourself so that when you attack you are near the node on the Beloved's back. It is NOT necessary to do that but it may make things simpler.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Third Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 5-6: After you defeat the Enchants you'll see an archway. Do not go through it. Instead double jump up the wall and wall jump onto a walkway. Its the walkway that creates the archway.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires!"

This one is quite simple. Just defeat the waves of enemies in 4 minutes. The first wave is Dear & Decorations along with a pair of Enchants. The second wave is a group of Affinity supported by Applaud (polearm). The third wave is another group of Affinity supported by a stronger Applaud (archer). Fourth wave is another group of Affinity supported by a pair of Applaud (polearm and archer). The last wave is a Beloved (2 if you play on Hard or Infinite Climax).

If you have already played through the game you'll likely have more weapons. Shuraba, Onyx Roses, Durga Lightning and Sai Fung are recommended but you can use any weapon you feel comfortable with. If you want more of a challenge wear Gaze of Despair.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Fourth Alfheim[]

  • Location:
  • Verse 8: After you defeat the Enchants/Beloveds back track as far as possible all the way back to the combo door at the beginning.
  • Mission: "Defeat all the angels before time expires while executing the required number of Torture Attacks!"

You must kill 6 angels with Torture Attacks in under 2 minutes and 50 seconds (4 minutes and 20 seconds on Hard). This level is relatively easy but you must kill 6 enemies using Torture Attacks. If you simply harm one then it won't count so you will need to be careful.

Use whatever weapons you have or are comfortable with and build up your magic orbs by taunting and dodging attacks. Be careful with the taunts because you may end up getting hit before the taunt finishes and that can deplete your magic bar. Breakdance is a good technique to have in order to fill up the magic bar.

The first wave will just be a trio of Affinity (2 Applaud and 4 Affinity on Hard). The second wave will be Affinity and Applaud (Archer Applaud, regular Applaud and a group of Affinity on Hard). The third will be a group of Affinity supported by and Archer Applaud (2 Ardor and 4 Affinity on Hard). Here is where you will want to conserve magic. In order to kill Applaud in one shot take down some of the health first then once its been injured use the Torture Attack. Try to get 3 tortures in the first wave then the last 3 in the next two waves.

Try to selectively execute the Torture Attacks on the flail-carrying Affinities and pick up their weapon, as the flail has a higher magic-to-damage ratio than combos or other weapons, and the combination of simple operation, 360 degree coverage, high hit rate and strong stagger means that using the weapon while you are surrounded by enemies is a guaranteed way to generate the magic required for your Torture Attacks, as long as you avoid attacks from enemies beyond the range of the flail, such as projectiles or the Applaud's charging attack . The flail is durable enough for two Torture Attacks' worth of impacts, and leave enough health in the enemies to allow at least one more Torture Attack within the same wave.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Chapter III[]

Fifth Alfheim[]

  • Location:
  • Verse 2: Located immediately after the battle with the flaming Affinities. Go up the staircase you walked down in the earlier Act, and destroy the trash can. The portal is located to the right of where the angelic border was, there is a building that is supported by pillars. Its the same building where you previously could find a Broken Witch Heart and Notes On The Topic Of Magic - I.
  • Goal: "Stay in the air for a set period of time!"

You must stay aloft for 20 seconds (30 on Hard) while facing a group of Decorations (4 Harmony on Hard). The best method here is to use Kulshedra's ability to pull yourself to a target. Use it on the Decorations in order to stay in the air. If this is your first play through (and therefore do not have Kulshedra), then you can double-jump, punch towards a Decoration and immediately jump on its head, granting you another double-jump. Another way, without jumping on the enemies, is to double-jump for maximum height and use a string of punches to stay aloft. The final punch in the combination will cause you to lose drastic elevation, so interrupt the sequence before the end by shooting your pistol, then immediately resume punching and repeat.

(For Hard you will need to attack them a few times then apply the same tactic as above. At the 13 second use a Torture Attack to use up the last of the time)

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Sixth Alfheim[]

  • Location:
  • Verse 5: After the death of Fairness you will reach a small open area with more lava (the door on the left side will explode and expose more fire), head right and down the stairs. Once you reach the area at the bottom of the stairs turn right and double jump/wall climb your way to the building's second floor. There is the portal.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires using only Angel Arms!"

Basically, all you need to do is use the Angel's weapons that are scattered around the area to defeat the enemies. Best bet is to grab the staff and use the pole dance attack or the bow since it can turn into twin swords and does decent damage just from shooting arrows.

(Waves are: Affinty + Applauds, Affinity + Ardors, Grace & Glory + Affinity, Beloved on Hard Difficulty)

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Seventh Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 10 As soon as you enter Paradiso head right and follow the path. At the end of the path is the portal.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! However, Witch Time has been disabled!"

(2 sets of Braves on Hard/Infinite Climax, best thing for this is to kill off one of the Braves and let a set combine into a Beloved. The Beloved will kill the other Braves when it swings at you.)

Recommended weapon is Shuraba, its Iai-jutsu can deal some serious damage in a long quick sweep. Evil Harvest Rosary, if you have it, is also recommended. The Rosary will launch a Counter every time you dodge (a kind of dodge that would normally activate Witch Time) and can do quite a bit of damage.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl
  • An alternative tactic, if you’re on your first run, is to start punching, immediately after clicking the button to start the fight, to summon the Wicked Weave punch, targeting the Applaud with the punch, itself, while finishing the combo, and then start jump/kick smashing enemies continuously and quickly, until they’re all dead, quickly. That will give you plenty of time to kill the Fairness, upon whom you can inflict a lot of damage, by starting to punch, right away, once the angels are all dead, and then, when the Fairness appears, point the Wicked Weave punch summoned at the Fairness, unless a long-range attack is launched at you, too early in your multi-punch summoning combo. The key is to clear the Affinities and Applaud, quickly, to give yourself enough time to kill the Fairness. Remember to dodge the Fairness, constantly, until you get into position alongside it, continuing to dodge, to get to one side or the other, giving you short amounts of time to attack. Having a weapon is luck, but so use it, to get alongside the Fairness, or, if you have a trumpet, to get as far as possible from the target, to shoot it. Beware the Fairness’ fireball; always be ready to dodge and to use special techniques, especially those that use the dodge button, to execute. In the end, it comes down to luck (including whether you get the Torture Attack, usually near the bridge, which can cut the Fairness’ health bar in half), and killing the angels quickly, without taking damage, to focus on the Fairness.

Eighth Alfheim[]

  • Location:
  • Verse 11: After you use the hourglass to repair the bridge run all the way back to the beginning of the Catacombs, inside the tunnel resides the next portal.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated using Wicked Weave Attacks!"

This one can get a bit tricky but if you are good with Shuraba and combos you will likely do alright. Here you need to kill all the angels before time ends you have a few minutes (5 minutes and 50 seconds on Hard). You'll have multiple waves of angels and must defeat them before time runs out, the attacks must also be Wicked Weaves.

One trick here would be to have Shuraba. While in the air, executing the combo PunchKickPunch will prevent your sword from hitting the opponent and allow the wicked slice to be performed upon hiting Punch the second time (after landing from Kick is complete). A word of warning, however: Make sure you execute the first two attacks in the air away from the enemy, or there is a chance of your Kick attack hitting their barrier and negating the combo.

Another trick with Shuraba is performing Iai-Jutsu then dodge backwards. If you do a Dodge Offset then you can continue to charge the attack while also dodging. Continue to use this then move to a new spot when necessary.

(Affinity + Ardor, Fearless + 2 Fairness on Hard)

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Chapter V[]

Ninth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 2-3: After you defeat Grace & Glory return to the very beginning of the chapter. It'll be where you started from.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated during Witch Time!"

(A pair of Ardor, Fearless + Fairness, and a pair of Joy on Hard Difficulty)

You'll face 3 waves of enemies. Here it is best to use a weapon you are comfortable with, use Wicked Weave combos and Torture Attacks to do lots of damage (so long as they begin DURING Witch time). When you are fighting the angels you will need to be dodging a lot, even dodge offset is good.

For the larger enemies you will want to use the Torture Attack after getting down some of their health first, once a portion of it is gone then do a Torture, if it is activated during Witch Time then it will count even if it doesn't finish it (this helps against Fearless). Try to get the Torture nearing the end of the Witch Time so that you can get max damage on the enemy. Wicked Weave combos can take out some serious amounts of damage, Wicked Weave kicks deal the heaviest damage so in Witch Time try to achieve a Weave as soon as possible.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Tenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • "Verse 8: Immediately after you see your score for Verse 7 head back down the tower to where you met Ardor. The portal will be in the center of the floor. Note: Going back down first and then defeating the enemies during the Verse may not make the portal spawn."
  • Goal: "Stay in the air for a set period of time!"

This is pretty much like the previous "Stay in the Air" Alfheim. Use the whip in order to latch onto the targets and pull yourself up. Or double jump off of an enemy. You must last 30 seconds. You will face Dear & Decorations, you must break the armor of Dear before you can begin using the whips.

On Hard/Infinite Climax you will be facing Fearless. Your best bet here is to use Kulshedra, Rodin (if you have it) and Crow Within. You must destroy the armor Fearless has then launch into the air. While up in the air you will need to use the whip to pull it up to you, double jump, pull with the whip, double jump, pull with the whip, etc etc. After it breaks and if you don't have enough time then use Crow Within to stay aloft a few more seconds.

If you have Rodin then put it in slot B. Use the above method except that once Fearless dies summon the large tuba and do the laser attack (where you spin it around like a hula hoop). This should give you enough time.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Eleventh Alfheim[]

  • Location:
  • Verse 10: Immediately after you get outside turn to the right and follow the spiral down
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires using the limited number of punches and kicks allotted!"

The easiest way to defeat the enemies is to equip Shuraba, charge up the sword to the max level, activate witch time at the last possible second and then strike them. Then dodge another attack to activate witch time again and immediately charge up the sword again. If you place Bayonetta at the edge of the ring away from the enemies you can charge up the Shuraba to the max level again and strike at the last possible second. If you run out of punches, activate witch time and do a weave-attack with your foot. If you are quick enough you can charge up the Shuraba partially, evade the enemy and continue to charge up the weapon. Another possible alternative is to use Kilgore on its full length charge with lock on and Durge Lightning. (A good combo is PunchKickPunch, but remember to hold each button until the explosion.)

On Hard you have 2 minutes and 30 seconds with 30 punches and 23 kicks. You first face Grace & Glory then you'll face 2 Graces and 1 Glory.

This one is tough since you don't have many hits. Try to use Wicked Weaves as much as possible. Wicked Stomps/Kicks will be your best bet. If you have Rodin then the spinning attack with the claws is quite damaging and useful.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Chapter VI[]

Twelfth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 3-4: After you have gotten through the area with the spike traps and killed the angels, return to the beginning where you first fought the two Inspired. The Portal will be at the very end.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires while executing the required number of Torture Attacks!"

You need to Pull off 5 Torture attacks here, use the Taunting / Dodging here to fill up your Magic, then pull off a Torture attack, do this 5 times and you'll need to defeat the rest of the enemies within the time limit. First wave are Applauds, second wave are Harmonies, third wave is Grace & Glory and Fourth wave is Fairness and Fearless.

On Hard you must do 7 in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. First wave is 4 Affinity + Ardor. Second wave is Ardor + 2 Fairness. The last wave is 3 Joys.

Simplest thing here is to use the same tactic for Normal Difficulty; just Taunt and Dodge to full up the Magic Gauge, use Panther Within to sprint to the other end of the area and repeat. Attack the larger enemies a few times to lower their health and fill some Magic. When you fill up the Gauge go for the smaller enemies first then end with the large one. Try to use up the first 2 waves for Torture Attacks.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Chapter IX[]

Thirteenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 1: Immediately after you defeat the group of Ardor and Applaud or before the Verse starts, head towards the stone stairs. At the top is a large door with a sun symbol. Break it to get to the portal.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! You must be out-of-body to defeat the enemies!"

Here you will face a few waves of enemies under a set period of time, its recommended to either  use Panther Within to sprint to the other side of the area then sprint back or to place your body behind the short pillars near the bridge.

Recommended weapons here is Durga Lightning, Onyx Roses and Odette (if you have it). Durga's charge modifier can either stun enemies or interuppt their attack, Onyx Roses' charge modifier might stun them and Odette can freeze them. Use whatever weapon you're comfortable with mainly

On Hard you will have a time limit of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The waves consist of Applauds, Affinity, and Ardors.

  • Reward: Broken Moon Pearl

Fourteenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 6-7: After you have defeated the Kinships there will be a non combative one to the left, jump onto its deck, the portal will be on a golden symbol off in the distance, you MUST use Crow Within to reach it.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires!"

You will be fighting Jeanne. This Jeanne only has 1 regular health bar much like Applaud or Ardor. Recommended to use Shuraba's Wicked Slice attack, this does significant damage plus it is an attack at a distance so it'll keep her some distance from you for a bit.

On Hard you have 2 minutes and 20 seconds to defeat 2 Jeanne's. Again, its recommended to use Shuraba's Wicked Slice.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Fifteenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 10-11: After Golem's defeat run all the way back as far as you can. The portal will be in the arena you fought the group of Joys.
  • Goal: "Limited Kicks & Punches! Defeat all the angels before time expires using the limited number of punches & kicks allotted!"

Recommended to use a fully charged Iai-Jutsu or Wicked Slice from Shuraba (dodge offset will let you dodge while also not letting your weapon charge reset) and the Charge Modifier of Durga (Durga Fire will deal the most damage but Durga Lightning can get groups better) then add in a few Wicked Weaves for more damage.

On Hard you have 40 punches and 30 kicks. You are against Fearless & Fairness then a pair of Joy. Wicked Slice, Iai-Jutsu and Wicked Weaves (especially kicks) are highly recommended.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Chapter X[]

Sixteenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 3: After you defeat the enemies of Verse 2 use the mechanism again and spin your platform left. You will eventually land on a small circular platform. The portal is on the platform.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated using Wicked Weave attacks!"

Recommended to use Shuraba's Iai-Jutsu/Wicked Slice. Any weapon you are comfortable with and can make quick but powerful combos is recommended. The Wicked Slice deals good damage at a distance and Iai-Jutsu's charged attack can do serious damage. The best method for using the Wicked Slice is to begin the combo then use Dodge Offset to move backwards then finish the attack; if you must use Panther Within to move to another section of battlefield.

On Hard you have 6 minutes and 30 seconds. First wave is 2 Applaud + Affinities, second wave is 2 Archer Applaud + Affinities, the final wave is Grace & Glory. You can use the same tactic as above.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Seventeenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 9-10: After you get to the area with the floor spikes, run past them to the Gates of Hell then back track all the way back to the beginning (past the smashing tentacles), the portal will be in the center.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires using only Angel Arms!"

Most common weapon used is the bow or the staff. The bow can take down a lot of damage when fired or it can be split into dual swords so you can attack from a distance or close quarters. The staff can be used for the pole dancing attack, this will harm any angel near you.

On Hard you have 5 minutes and 10 seconds. First 3 waves are groups of Dear & Decorations, next wave is 2 Grace + 1 Glory, then finally Fearless & Fairness. You may use the same tactics as above.

You may also use Rodin if you have it. If you use Rodin then you can summon the instrument to fire the laser in a 360 degree spin around and harm every angel it hits or use the spinning claw attack for a ton of damage to nearby enemies.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Chapter XII[]

Eighteenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 2-4: In order to reach this portal you must jump across the gap left by the open hatch. Do this by climbing to the highest point in the room and do a Panther Within run and jump or jump and fly there. Pass through the area, make it to the back of the room near the group of angels. Defeat them to open the portal.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! You must be out-of-body to defeat the enemies!"

You have 2 and a half minutes to kill the angels. These angels are on fire so you cannot touch them while not in Witch Time (unless you have Durga Fire equipped to both hands and feet). If the angels aren't attacking then Taunt them. Dodge their swings to activate Witch Time. Another recommendation is Shuraba's Iai-Jutsu.

This level is relatively simple.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Nineteenth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 5-6: Once outside in the area of the Decorations, wait for the ring you're standing on to spin far enough to see the opening of the plane's turbine. Jump inside the turbine; you will need to run through the turbine's blades (once already past the propellers, you can use Kilgore's PP.P combo to destroy them, but only from behind) so dodge the attacks and move through the blades. The portal is at the end.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated during Witch Time!"

Here you will have to face a Golem using only Witch Time. The Golem must be defeated in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Here you will need to utilize a lot of dodging. Try to keep close to the Golem, if you stay at a distance its possible that it'll change into the Malphas form thus making it difficult to defeat. The easiest form to attack is the pair of hands. The Gomorrah shape isn't as easy but is far easier than the Malphas form.

Use whatever weapons you are comfortable with but its recommended to not use slower weapons such as Lt. Col. Kilgore or weaker damage weapons like Kulshedra.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart

Chapter XV[]

Twentieth Alfheim[]

  • Location: TBA
  • Verse 9: After you have defeated Temperance you need to backtrack all the way back to the beginning. The portal will be located on the platform that the first chest is on.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! However, Witch Time has been disabled!"

You have 3 minutes to kill waves of angels. The issue here is that these angels are on fire and since you can't use Witch Time you can't attack them directly so keep your distance and use Wicked Weaves or ranged weapons.

  • Ranged:
    • Lt. Col. Kilgore is slow but ranged, if you are skilled enough you could keep your distance but do decent damage
    • Rodin's Charge Modifier for the Hands will summon an angelic Tuba to fire an energy blast.
    • Rodin's Charge Modifier for the Feet will summon an angelic bow to fire 3 shots at enemies.
    • 細鳳 -Sai Fung- is the fastest weapon if the game plus its bullet ricochet
  • Items:
    • Evil Harvest Rosary strips the wearer of their ability to use Witch Time. Since this level already doesn't have it you'll simply get the bonus of the orbs that harm the enemies. Just dodge like you would for Witch Time to get the orbs.
  • Melee:
    • Shuraba's Wicked Blades (in place of Wicked Weave punches) are a powerful combo of range and damage.
    • Durga Fire makes you immune to fire so equip Durga Fire to your hands and feet to be immune.

Combine these weapons with the Rosary and you should be good.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart


Twenty First Alfheim - Final Alfheim[]

  • Location: Return through spike entrance at statue base after getting to neck-shoulder, and before cinematic. You should Achieve The Path to Heavens here.
  • Goal: "Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated using Wicked Weave attacks!"

One of the only Alfheims where you must play as Jeanne. Due to her naturally powerful Wicked Weaves, equipping Angel Slayer and performing the PKP combo should be enough to win. Make frequent use of her infinite dodging to avoid being hit.

  • Reward: Broken Witch Heart


  • In Norse mythology, Alfheim is one of the Nine Realms, inhabited by the light elves ("alf" = alfar, elves, and "heim" = "home"). It was given to the god Freyr as "toothgift".


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