Aesir may refer to:

  • The original Aesir, the version of Aesir that is mentioned throughout Bayonetta 2 before Loptr's ascension. This version describes Aesir prior to his split between Loki and Loptr, having been the one to rule the Human World and bestow the Eyes of the World between the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages. This Aesir possessed the qualities of both Loki and Loptr combined.
  • The reborn Aesir, the version of Aesir that appears as a boss in Bayonetta 2. After his evil personality, Loptr, gained the Sovereign Power and the Eyes of the World, he permanently "ascended" as Aesir.
  • Loki, who has stated on one occasion his name to be Aesir. However, he has also since corrected himself and accepted the name Loki in his new, reborn state. In actuality, he is the good personality of Lord Aesir.
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