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細鳳-Sai Fung- is a nunchaku/revolver hybrid weapon that appears in the first game, Bayonetta. Capable of both melee and ranged combat, they have the nickname of "gun-chucks". Jeanne's equivalent for Sai Fung is Tang Lung. This weapon is probably one of the most memorable Bayonetta 1 weapons.

In-Game Description[]

Possessed by the soul of the fastest bird demon in all of Inferno, Sai Fung, these nunchaku spin at blazing speed, unleashing attacks so fast even a god would be unable to catch a glimpse.


Sai Fung is a hybrid between a revolver and a nunchaku, being essentially two revolvers tied up by a chain. The nunchaku Kontei is formed by the revolver muzzle, while the kikon-bu and Chukon-bu are formed by the gun's barrel and the cylinder and trigger forms the jukon-bu. Sai Fung's Kontoh is made from a brown wood-like material and it has a white gemstone placed inside it with a gold ring around it, the nunchaku Ana and Kusari are made from golden metal.

How to Obtain[]

To get the Sai Fung, you must complete 100 chapters on Normal difficulty or above. The quickest way to achieve this is to complete Chapter XVI (The Lumen Sage) repeatedly, but the most common way to do this is by completing the Prologue (the Vestibule) repeatedly. It should also be noted that the Climax Brace can be used for the completion of these chapters despite their scores not being recorded.

You can receive Sai Fung after completing 100 chapters. You'll also receive the Walkürenritt LP discs as well. To date, no cheats have been found to enable quicker access to the weapon, such as with Pillow talk, Bazillions, etc.

Unique Traits[]

Sai Fung's attacks are completely unique, and it only shares Scarborough Fair's upper finisher Wicked Weave on combos such as PunchPunchKickPunch, PunchPunchPunchKickPunch, PunchPunchPunchKickKickPausePunch, and KickKickPausePunch. The weapon is extremely quick and can stagger or stun anything smaller than a Beloved, but deals less damage per hit than other weapons. While executing its combos, Sai Fung fires numerous bullets during its attacks that will ricochet off of any nearby surfaces upwards of six times before finally vanishing. This has the effect of stunning smaller nearby Angels with an onslaught of bouncing projectiles as you attack your primary target. The combination of these traits allows it to reach incredibly high combo points even on weaker enemies like Affinities.

Wicked Weaves: While equipped some of Bayonetta's Wicked Punches will become Wicked Palm Thrusts, such as the last hit of the PunchKickPunch and PunchPunchPunchPunchPunch combos.

Bullet Climax: Bayonetta will throw Sai Fung at her target, where it will spin inside of them as it fires off a few shots. Until Sai Fung returns Bayonetta's punches will mimic those of Scarborough Fair, though they will do slightly less damage, and holding down Punch will fire bullets that mimic Sai Fung's appearance and damage. Keep in mind that you are able to switch weapons right after executing Bullet Climax.

Charge Modifier: Holding down Punch will cause Bayonetta to charge up Sai Fung for a moment before launching a volley of bullets, which will proceed to ricochet around the area. The longer the button is held down, the more bullets that will be shot.

唐龍 -Tang Lung-[]

唐龍 -Tang Lung- is Jeanne's weapon equivalent for Sai Fung. It functions exactly the same but like many of Jeanne's weapons, it's colored to match her sense of style, being gold and white instead of black. Its in-game description is identical to Sai Fung's.

In-Game Description[]

Possessed by the soul of the fastest bird demon in all of Inferno, Tang Lung, these nunchaku spin at blazing speed, unleashing attacks so fast that there is not a god or demon in existence able to see them coming.


  • Sai Fung is named after martial artist Bruce Lee's childhood nickname.
  • Tang Lung is named after the character portrayed by Bruce Lee in his martial arts film Way of the Dragon.
  • The last hit of the PunchPunchPunchPunchPausePunch combo generates an upwards Wicked Weave identical to Scarborough Fair's, though the guns themselves generate a downwards punch with this exact same input.
  • The Bullet Climax for Sai Fung is similar to 'Round Trip'; a move used by Dante when wielding several different swords, and Fireworks; a shotgun move that flips the gun around Dante's body, from the Devil May Cry game series.
  • The stylized Chinese characters used in Sai Fung's attacks are from the Ba Gua, which are the eight fundamental principles of reality. 乾 Qian (heaven/sky), 兌 Dui (lake), 離 Li (fire), 震 Zhen (thunder), 巽 Xun (wind), 坎 Kan (water), 艮 Gen (mountain), and 坤 Kun (ground).
  • During the barrage for the standard five punch combo, Bayonetta will yell out a "Bruce Lee" noise more formally known as Kiai. Jeanne does not get a Kiai.
    • A Kiai is a shout that martial artists yell that acts as a battle cry and serves to empower themselves through releasing their energy.
  • Sai Fung shares traits with the Nightmare -β (Beta) from Devil May Cry and Cerberus from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Like Nightmare-β (Beta) the shots that will ricochet off of nearby surfaces upwards of six times before finally vanishing and due to it being a nunchaku it shares a few moves and traits with the Cerberus, which is a tripartite nunchaku, that also provides a speed boost in Devil Trigger.