Biographical Information
Name Shuraba
Alternate Names 修羅刃
Creator N/A
User Bayonetta
Type Infernal Weapon

修羅刃 Shuraba is a living demonic katana part of Bayonetta's arsenal of weapons. Said to be the twin blade of Angel Slayer, this weapon possess the power of the demon god of war, Ashura.Bayonetta

This weapon appears in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. Jeanne's counterpart to the weapon is the aforementioned katana, Angel Slayer.

In-Game Description

"A living katana, pulsing with the heart of Ashura, the demon god of war. Always seeking blood, the blade will even suck the very souls out of its victims."


With quick and agile attacks that deal modest damage and has sweeping range, it is one of the most popular weapon choices in the game among players, especially during their first playthrough. Its combos, abilities, speed, and damage make it the most well-rounded melee weapon in the game, being useful against nearly every enemy. It is surpassed in some instances, however, by the slightly more powerful Pillow Talk which has the same combos and very similar reach.

How to Obtain


The Golden LP: Quasi una Fantasia, is obtained after defeating the two Beloved in Chapter II verse 5. Giving this LP to Rodin will unlock the Shuraba for use.

Bayonetta 2

Beating the game on 2nd Climax Difficulty allows for players to purchase the Super Mirror, which contains specific outfits and weapons from the first game. Purchasing the Super Mirror will automatically unlock Shuraba for Bayonetta.

Unique Traits

Shuraba Horizontal Attack

Bayonetta using Shuraba against a Laguna battle in Paradiso.

Shuraba's attacks are quick sweeping strikes and jabs which excel against small and agile enemies. With its mix of great attack speed, melee range, sweeping strikes, and extremely powerful Wicked Weaves, Shuraba is very effective in most fights against all types of enemies.

Wicked Weaves: When equipped, normal Wicked Punches from Madama Butterfly will be replaced with Wicked Blades, massive spectral blades that mimic the motions of the attack that summons it. These Wicked Blades do an extremely high amount of damage when compared to other Wicked Weaves, making Shuraba one of the most powerful choices during boss fights or with the Climax Brace on.

Bullet Climax: Bayonetta will spin with the Shuraba outstretched, creating a whirlwind of slashes that hit all adjacent enemies a few times in quick succession. This attack is quick and deals modest damage, while also having good stagger attached. Executing it while surrounded by enemies can give Bayonetta some breathing room, especially on harder difficulties after executing a Torture Attack.

Charge Modifier: Bayonetta sheaths the demonic katana and then performs an Iaijutsu slash, causing considerable damage to everything around her. The longer PunchLarge is held the more powerful the strike becomes, with it having three levels of power. It freezes combo counter and magic consumption by accessories.

Notable Combos: PunchLargePunchLargePauseLargePunchLargePunchLargePunchLarge will execute a series of spinning slashes and then finish with a Wicked Thrusting Slash. A variation of this combo can also be done; PunchLargePunchLargePauseLargePunchLargePunchLargePauseLargePunchLarge which will execute similarly as the previous, however, the last sword strike will be a rising swing, accompanied by a vertically rising Wicked Blade that will launch enemies into the air.

Moonlight Massacre: A special attack, holding down LockOn and standing in place causes Bayonetta to slowly move the katana in a circular motion, drawing a demonic seal in the air in front of her. When she's drawn half of the circle, Shuraba will flash brightly, pressing PunchLarge at this time will perform the Half-Moon Slash, which will send out a blade of power in a straight line along the ground. Pressing PunchLarge after the seal is fully drawn will execute the Full-Moon Slash, where Bayonetta will thrust the blade downwards into the Seal and send forth a massive red beam of energy. Though this is the most powerful attack Shuraba can execute outside of Serious Mode, it is very slow, inaccurate, and leaves Bayonetta open for attack. The only practical way to use it would be during Witch Time, especially with the Bracelet of Time equipped.

Master Sword

Bayo1 - Hero of Hyrule costume

Bayonetta with the Master Sword

In the Wii U and Nintendo Switch re-release of Bayonetta, players gain access to a Legend of Zelda Link costume. When in this costume and using the Shuraba, the sword will take on the appearance of The Master Sword. In Bayonetta 2, the Master Sword becomes its own weapon until the Shuraba becomes unlocked, The Master Sword uses Shuraba's move-set and combos and is available only when the Link costume is worn.

Bayonetta 2 In-Game Description: The mythical blade wielded by the Heroes of Hyrule, those who possess the Spirit of the Hero and Triforce of Courage, to banish great evil. Its power is legendary, and the blade itself can cut down the most powerful of monsters with relative ease.


  • When literally translated from Japanese to English, Shuraba means "the scene of bloodshed." The word is also used in Japan within the screenwriting industry to categorize fight and action scenes, both in traditional plays and in the film.
  • In Japanese Buddhism, Ashuras are powerful multi-limbed and faced human demigods, being one form of incarnation in the cycle of Samsara, but whose existence is also seen as one of the Four Unhappy Births, said to be the reincarnation of humans who have constantly engaged in violence, and are cursed to a life of neverending carnage where there is no sort of resolution or peace. Their behavior regarded as bellicose, prone to jealousy, and addicted to carnal pleasures, and whose image served roles in Samurai culture to warriors in Feudal Japan, suits the weapon's form of a katana.
  • As the taunt for this weapon, Bayonetta assumes a split stance and says "Bring it".
  • The LP used to unlock Shuraba is named after Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."
  • In his commentary, Hideki Kamiya mentions that a special animation was planned and developed for Shuraba to play when it is charged: the hilt of the sword would open, revealing Ashura's pulsing heart. During subsequent changes in animation, the developers forgot to link the animation back and it is not used in the game through the code for it still exists.


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